Your Fave Disney Cartoon Says A Lot About You

Our childhoods are the foundations of our lives, and the movies that you loved then — like, your favorite Disney cartoon, for instance — can often say a lot about what your love now. As the generation that had the privilege of growing up on Disney musicals, our favorite Disney cartoon says a lot about who we are. For instance, you can always tell a Disney fan from a non-Disney fan, because those who loved Disney films as a child often still believe in the magic of musicals, and, sometimes, they're even singers or performers themselves. To be a Disney fan didn't only mean you watched Disney movies, but it also meant you acted them out, and were always singing the songs and living the lifestyle, waiting for an opportunity to get swept away by the magic again. Being a Disney fan means loving to get swept away in the fantasy, and still loving the same movies and planning Disneyland vacations to this day.

Part of the magic of the Disney canon is that while the movies mostly follow the same formula — the good ol' fashioned fairy tale — each movie is like a world in itself, complete with its own look and unique set of secondary characters. Because each of this movies can strongly stand alone, your favorite one says a lot about you.

The Little Mermaid

You are always pining for something more, and not only willing, but fantasizing, about giving things up and changing your life for love. You are a true romantic, prone to friendships of convenience (c'mon, Ariel and Flounder had barely anything in common!), and believe that true love can change your life.

Beauty And The Beast

You're an intellectual, and a lover of reading — especially the classics (the "tales as old as time," if you will). You are empathetic to the pain and suffering of the people around you, and try to use your knowledge to help others. When it comes to romance, you don't care what he looks like, just as long as he lives in a huge castle — JK, JK, you aren't superficial. (But I wonder if that was a factor for Belle?)

The Lion King

Family and legacy are the most important things to you. Making your parents proud and trying to find your place in history, are among your utmost concerns — romance is your B-plot. You love making "The Lion King is Hamlet!" jokes at parties, and use "Hakkuna Matata" in everyday conversation.


You love travel and adventure, and are passionate about exploring other cultures. You are nervous about what your family thinks of you, but know that you can make them happy by being your best self. When it comes to dating, you believe in being "friends first," feeling that friendship is the best foundation for a successful romantic relationship.


While this isn't from most of our childhoods (unless you're, like, eight years old right now), you still claim Frozen as your all-time favorite. You are up-to-date with the latest trends, seeing as Frozen is the most recent musical of the bunch. Friendship and sisterhood take precedence over dating, and being true to yourself most of all. Let whatever storm rage on — the cold doesn't bother you anyway.


Sorry to say, but you're a bit basic. Cinderella is the most basic of all the movies and all the princesses. Don't get me wrong, though, this a good thing — you have a reverence for the classics, and feel like when it comes to most things in life, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."


Oh man, you little pretentious one, you. You fancy yourself an intellectual or an aesthete, seeking pleasure in "high art" rather than good ol' pop culture things. You are smart and have fantastic taste, and make sure everyone knows how you feel about the matters at hand.


To you, comedy is king. You know that Aladdin should be called Genie — because it is Robin Williams who makes the movie, obviously — and you are a fan of all things funny. You might even be a comedian yourself, which means that you are entertaining, but often say inappropriate things at inappropriate times.

Don't be shocked if you basically just read a description of yourself when you located your favorite movie above. Like I said — it's just the magic of a Disney film.

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