Your Favorite Pixar Movie Says A Lot About You

Oh, Pixar, you own my soul and I don't even care. From the moment I first saw Woody and Buzz until I sat in a theater sobbing into my concession stand nachos over Inside Out 's Bing Bong, I have been a hardcore Pixar fan. Aside from Cars 2 and maybe Monsters University, I have unabashedly loved every movie Pixar has put out. The studio has perfected the art of making funny, poignant films that appeal to kids and adults. At this point, Pixar is pretty much universally adored, but the one thing no one can agree on is which Pixar movie is the best. I have a theory as to why: because everyone has a favorite Pixar movie and your pick says something about you.

Every Pixar movie tackles a particular subject — friendship, depression, loneliness, and family are just a few themes the studio has taken on in the past. Because the subject matter is so intimate, people form strong attachments to these movies. They become a little piece of who you are. Personally, I think there is actual magic in Pixar movies. How else would you explain their ability to entrance the imagination so fully?

Before you dive in, go ahead and focus on your favorite Pixar movie, then check the list and find the hidden meaning behind your fave. The results might just surprise you.

Toy Story

The original Pixar masterpiece is a tale of jealousy and friendship. Woody has to learn to accept that Andy has room in his heart for two favorite toys, and Buzz has to figure out how to be a part of a community. If Toy Story is your favorite, nostalgia is your guiding force. You are dedicated to posting #TBT pictures and you still feel like a kid at heart. Toy Story reminds you of childhood, of your best friend, and the first time you learned what it meant to share not a toy, but someone's love.

A Bug's Life

You are a total rebel dedicated to going against the norm. A Bug's Life is often lost in the shuffle of great Pixar movies, but the tale of the inventive ant Flik is all about non-conformity. Just like Flik, you follow your heart not the crowd. When some crazy grasshopper tries to railroad you and your friends, you don't hesitate to stand up for what you believe is right.

Toy Story 2

Jessie's story resonated with you on an intimate level. You spent a long time looking for a place where you belong, and now that you have found it, stories about found families always hit you straight in the feels. You are a big believer in making everyone feel welcome and are a nurturer at heart.

Monster's Inc.

Monster's Inc. fans have a dark sense of humor, but they are softies at heart. You came for the monsters, but the friendship between Boo and Sulley melted your heart. Even though you are an adult now, you still value innocence and you work hard to keep a bit of childish wonder in your life.

Finding Nemo

Your parents are your best friends and you don't care who knows it. Maybe you have a kid of your own now or maybe you are just keenly aware of how much your parents sacrificed for you. Even when you are off doing your own thing and having adventures, you know your parents have your back the way Marlin had Nemo's, and that makes you feel awesome.

The Incredibles

Superheroes were your childhood, and as a result you are a master of the ins and outs of the superhero universes. You live your life by a code of honor that is only broken when debating movies. For you, The Incredibles was like a religious experience because it reaffirmed your belief that heroes never truly give up.


Americana is your jam. If you had a time machine, you would set it for America in the 1950s just to see if Route 66 was as awesome as your grandparents say it was.


You have the heart of an artist. Whether your passion is for film, music, or food, Remy's unwavering dedication to his dreams moved you to tears. Just like the critic, your heart always melts when faced with a true work of art.


As far as you are concerned, there is beauty in everything. An eternal optimist, even when everyone is telling you to give up, you forge ahead and your enthusiasm pulls everyone along with you. You want to make the world a better place, and just like WALL-E, if you stick with it, you will.


Life has dealt you more than your fair share of hard knocks, but nothing can take away your thirst for adventure. There is nothing greater than to see the world and live every day to the fullest. That's how you live your life because you know how important it is to make the best out of every single day.

Toy Story 3

If you had your way, you would never grow up, but you have come to realize that being an adult doesn't mean giving up your sense of wonder. Happy memories stay with you for a lifetime and as far as you are concerned, there is nothing better than sharing them.

Cars 2

Either you have a toddler or you are Larry the Cable Guy's biggest fan.


You are a total free spirit. You don't believe anyone should tell you who or what you should be. There is a wildness in you that cannot be tamed and that is what makes you special.

Monsters University

Either you are still in college, or you desperately want to go back. College is where you met your best friend, where you figured out who you are, and where you found your people. It was the best time of your life (so far).

Inside Out

You've been through the worst and survived it. You know that in order for life to have meaning, you have to allow yourself to experience every emotion, even the scary ones. Your maturity level is off the charts (but you will never forget your imaginary friend).

Every Pixar movie is as special as the people who love them. I hope this gave you a little insight into why your fave is your fave, and even if it didn't, I hope revisiting all the Pixar goodness at least made you smile.

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