Is 'PLL' Season 4 Hiding Another DiLaurentis?

We're mere episodes away from finding out Big A's real identity, which means that Pretty Little Liars is officially wrapping up its epic three-season long mystery — and boy, have these past few years been one hell of a ride. The show has introduced us to plenty of red herrings, dropped major truth bombs, and completely ripped the floor right out from under us with crazy plot twists. (Remember Ezragate? Toby's betrayal? Ali being alive?!?) But while every Pretty Little Liars fan is hyped to move this mystery forward (and finally found out who's been hiding under A's hoodie) sometimes the best way to move forward is to go back a few steps. I re-watched the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 premiere "A Is For A-L-I-V-E" and found a few clues that might be integral to this whole A mystery — including a face that might be that of a DiLaurentis.

It can be super hard to keep track of clues from just a few episodes ago, let alone seasons ago, but let's not forget that this whole Big A mystery was put in place back in Season 3. That means that every episode since then has been peppered with clues, both large and small. Here are a few that you may have forgotten about from the Season 4 premiere, which could be more important than any of us ever realized.

People Are Afraid Of Melissa

Mona confessed to the girls that it's Melissa who Jenna and Shana feared — but why would they fear her? This is never really explained or cleared up, but it should be noted that Shana was once seen delivering papers to Wren. Many fans (including this writer) suspect that it's Wren underneath Big A's hoodie (as explained in the video below), which might mean that Melissa is A's ally. That's reason enough to fear Spencer's older sister, no?

Mona Thought Cece Was Ali

Remember how Bethany and Ali allegedly had a friendship while Bethany was in Radley? We never received confirmation from Ali if that was actually true, but we did see Bethany's letters. Is there a chance that Ali never knew Bethany at all, but that Bethany thought she did because CeCe posed as Ali? We learned via flashback that CeCe once pretended to be Ali in Radley to prank Jessica DiLaurentis, but what if Cece also had more sinister plans?

Detective Wilden & Jenna Were Friends

Let's back up here: Jenna and Darren were pals?! It might not seem important, but it could peg Detective Wilden to the N.A.T. Club. We know that pretty much every member of that club was targeted — could that be the real reason why Wilden was killed?

The Lodge Explosion Is Familiar

I didn't think of this at the time, but isn't the fire at the lodge a little similar to what happened to Jenna the night she was blinded? Ali, the Liars, Toby, and Jenna were all there at the lodge, just like they were the night that Jenna was blinded by the prank. Could A be sending a message that something else happened that night? Could A be seeking revenge on someone for an incident connected to The Jenna Thing?

Could This Be A DiLaurentis?

Meet Jenna's date to Wilden's funeral: a hot blonde dude named Nigel who looks suspiciously like Jason. While I'm pretty sure that Charles is a person we know better, and Nigel only appeared in two episodes, I wouldn't be surprised if he was supposed to be another member of the DiLaurentis family. There are no coincidences in Rosewood, right?

Black Widow Might Be A Friend Of Jenna's

We see the Black Widow (whom we're told is an endgame character) sit right behind Jenna and this mysterious maybe-DiLaurentis. This brings up way more questions than it answers, but I'm thinking we should all be keeping a closer eye on Jenna. She may know way more than we expect.

Only time will tell who is really underneath Big A's hoodie, but if you want answers now, re-watching old episodes is a good place to start. And for even more theories, check out Bustle's PLL podcast, Taking This One To The Grave.

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