Michelle Obama's Dream Job Is Similar to Yours

The First Lady of the United States might be the biggest Beyoncé fans of us all! Michelle Obama is always inspiring us, but it sounds like the singer inspires her. In a recent interview with rapper Wale, Obama said she'd be Beyoncé if she could have a different job. She even put her hand up, "Single Ladies"-style because she gets how amazing Beyoncé is.

Beyoncé may have woken up like this, but her job can't be easy. After all, she's had a long, storied career of working designer outfits, being a member of one of the most successful groups in the world, performing in front of thousands of people, owning a Super Bowl halftime show, dropping a surprise album, collaborating with some of music's biggest names and being a mother. All in a day's work, right? She's the ultimate multitasker and, if I'm being completely honest, she makes it all look easy.

So what does it take to be Beyoncé? There are a couple key qualities necessary to do the job correctly. (Of course, it doesn't hurt to have amazing genetics). Think you have what it takes to channel the "Drunk in Love" singer? Here are the requirements for being Beyoncé.

Have An Amazing Voice

Beyoncé's vocals are among the best in the business.

Keep Secrets

How else can you drop a surprise album?

Coin Catchphrases

Pretty much everything Beyoncé says or does is an instant iconic phrase.

Have A Fierce Personality

Beyoncé is always confident. Always.

Possess An Alter Ego

Only Beyoncé could pull having a persona, Sasha Fierce.

Empower Other Women

Beyoncé is all about helping other women realize their power.

Work A Wind Machine

It makes performances that much better.

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