11 Bras That Don't Feel Like Bras

As a woman, one of the best feelings is to come home, whip off your bra, and begin winding down for the night. But ladies, believe it or not, there are bras that don't feel bras. While they are definitely our friends and help us to feel empowered, sexy, and confident, often times, bras can feel constraining and uncomfortable. Not to mention, wearing a bra all day long can leave your ladies feel as though they are suffocating. On top of that, not only can they get super sweaty, but they also get sticky. Ugh. And adjusting your straps here and there throughout the day is just a reminder that you are wearing a bra and you want it off!

A great solution is to opt for breathable bras. Cotton is a great breathable fabric and spandex can help keep you cool and dry, even if you're super sweaty. So if you're thinking about any activity that calls for feeling loose, light, and comfortable, (i.e., music festivals, picnics, brunch, etc.), be sure you're wearing a breathable bra. Another option is to wear super comfy bras that don't feel like they're there, like bandeaus or sports bras.

Now, I'll admit that all of these possible choices may not exactly give the best support, but I can definitely tell you that these bras won't make you feel like you're putting your lady lumps into a boob jail.

1. Floral Bralette

Embroidered Floral Bralette, $7, Maurices

The soft cup lining has got you covered.

2. Pasties

Nude Gather Bra, $9, Romwe

Stick and go. 'Nough said.

3. Sports Bras

Modern Cotton Bralette, $20, Revolve Clothing

Sports bras can sometimes provide more support than normal bras do. But be sure you're regularly getting new sports bras and throwing out the old ones.

4. Soft Bralette

Dolce Soft Bralette, $34, G ilt

And it's super breathable. YAS.

5. Pullover Bralette

Unlined Lace Pullover Bralette, $30, Gap

Perfect for t-shirts with wide arm holes, so you can show off a little something, something.

6. Bandeau Crop Top

Lace Crop White Bandeau, $8, Romwe

This is the perfect base to layer on some jewelry.

7. Tribal Print Bandeau

BKE Printed Reversible Bandeau, $7, B uckle

This bra covers a pretty modest amount of skin if you're not too into the skimpier bandeaus.

8. Strappy Bandeau

Me To We Strappy Back Bandeau, $17, P acsun

The cute straps in the back will look amazing as is or underneath backless tops.

9. Seamless Soft Bra

Never Say Never Sweetie Soft Bra, $52, B ergdorfgoodman

Super soft, comfortably stretchy, and seamless. Seriously, you're not gonna wanna take this one off.

10. Pullover Lounge Bralette

The Lounge Bralette, $29, V ictorias Secret

Might want to trade out your bombshell bra for the Lounge Bralette. You don't have to sacrifice sexy for comfort.

11. Halter Bralette

Free People Lace Halter Bralette, $14, Nordstrom

The halter shape will give more support than your average soft bralette.

Image: PacSun