'Producer' Star IU's Top 13 Fashion Moments, From The Red Carpet To The Stage

LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 09: Singer Iu attends KCON 2014 - Day 1 at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena on August 9, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images)
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If you've heard of the actress IU, chances are you're jealous of her. I mean, first off, can you say "triple threat?" The star has enjoyed quite the multi-faceted career, with major success as a singer/dancer and as one of South Korea's most popular actresses. In recent years she's starred in both You're The Best, Lee Soon Shin (as the eponymous Lee Soon Shin, of course) and in the currently-airing Producer (yeah, make that reason #9834 to be jealous of her — she gets to share ridiculously adorable screentime with the ever-dreamy Kim Soo Hyun). Then there's the fact that her respective beauty games and fashion games are kind of off the charts — both on stage/screen and off. I'm an especially huge fan of her style as noted ice queen Cindy on Producer, but if possible, her real-life style is even better.

Be it on the red carpet, at the airport, or performing on stage, there's no denying the fact that IU is quite the fashionista: She's rocked everything from distressed denim skirts, to red bows, to simple LBDs, all with equal aplomb — so with that in mind, let's take a look at 13 of her best looks over the years!

1. Arriving In Guangzhou


Ice cream-themed shirts are always a win in my book.

2. At The Premiere Of Battle Of Yeonpyeong

[Twitter Embed: https://twitter.com/allaboutIU/statuses/612943027951108096]

A lovely dress, styled to perfection with adorable ankle-strapped pumps and an even more adorable handbag.

3. At An Event For ISOI Hongdae 

Tennis-playing preppy in the best possible way.

4. At A Press Conference For Producer


It's like a scoop of lemon sorbet, topped with a scoop of raspberry.

5. At The SBENU Star League Finals


Who knew a velvet ruffled skirt could look that good with sheer fuchsia sleeves?

6. At The PSY Concert All Night Stand


Serving up some serious Snow White realness.

7. At The Airport


This is quite the Parisian look, and the cherry on top has to be the oversized handbag.

8. Performing On Inkigayo


About as winsomely romantic as it gets.

9. At The Melon Music Awards

Another great dress, elevated by some excellent accessorizing.

10. At The MBC Special Turn Your Radio Up Loud


Prettiest cap-sleeved LBD ever, or prettiest cap-sleeved LBD ever?

11. At The 2014 KCON Red Carpet

Few people have pulled off '90s redux with quite as much panache.

12. At The Airport (Again)

Those might just be the coolest chunk platform sandals I've ever seen.

13. At The 10th Annual Concert for New Hope

Ooh, structured with a touch of Alice in Wonderland-esque flair.

What's your favorite IU fashion moment? Her red carpet style is pretty tough to compete with, but then again, her airport style is pretty darn admirable as well... it's definitely a difficult call!

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