Is Scott's New Instagram About Kourtney?

After recently splitting up with Kourtney Kardashian. Scott Disick has remained relatively mum on the subject of the dissolution of their nine year relationship — until, perhaps, now. In a new, fairly dark Instagram post, Disick may have expressed his regret about the breakup. The photo, which was of Disick holding a place card for "Scott Disick Guest, " was captioned — get ready for this — "When u realize the grass isn't always greener." Kardashian and Disick, who share three children, reportedly split, over July 4 weekend after photos surfaced of Disick getting cozy with his ex-girlfriend, Chloe Bartoli.

Though it's not clear whether or not the 'gram was really referencing Kardashian, it would make sense when you consider the timing — and judging by that caption, it seems that Disick may not only be regretting not having a partner to call his "guest," but also splitting with Kardashian in the first place.

As can be gathered from an earlier Instagram post, Disick took this pic at the wedding of J.J. Corsini, an old friend of Rob Kardashian's. As a member of the Kardashian circle, I imagine that this wedding might have been particularly tough for Disick. Additionally, The Daily Mail noted that Corsini once spent the night with Kardashian during one of Disick and Kardashian's breakups, as depicted on Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami. Perhaps these associations — and the Kardashian connection — were enough to get him down about the breakup?

While both Disick and Kardashian have been fairly quiet about the breakup, Disick recently opened up about his feelings at a Las Vegas club appearance, and said he's "just taking it one day at a time." The usually candid social media darling has refrained from Instagramming about the split, only alluding to his potential shame when he posted a collection of photos on Instagram of his daughter Penelope on her birthday, and wrote the caption, "1 of the only things I'm proud off about myself."

Whether this latest image suggests that Disick is missing Kardashian or was just sad about not having a date is hard to tell — but if I were Kardashian, I would definitely be confused.