Kendall Takes Bikini Accessorizing To Next Level

Bikinis and swimwear have become fashion statements, not merely utility pieces that we wear while soaking up the sun or engaging in activities like swimming, playing volleyball, lounging by the pool, or cooling off. Kendall Jenner wore a long necklace with her orange bikini, taking swimsuit accessorizing to the next level.

The model donned an itsy, bitsy, teeny weeny tangerine two-piece with triangle cups and tied sides. Save for the bright color, it was a really simple swimsuit. It was ordinary, even. But Kendall being Kendall — that is, a Kardashian, a model, and a trendsetting fashionista whose every style move is dissected under a media microscope — she had to dress it up and add some extra oomph.

She did so with a long 'n' layered drop necklace that nearly hit her belly button.

There are several ways to add a little accessories adrenaline to swimwear while taking inspo from our gal Kendall. Throwing a layered necklace around your neck or adding a couple of bracelets is always a fashionable touch; just be careful if you plan to tan, since you don't want to end up with a reverse farmer's tan on your arms. Be sure and use lots of sunblock, too.

Here's Kendall, her orange bikini, and her long necklace. It's a rather basic look that was made instantly memorable due to the details. A little adornment goes a long way.

Want to wear a slammin' necklace with your bikini? Here are some options.

1. Silver Beads

Apt. 9 Coil Bead Long Station Necklace, $20, Kohls

This beaded, silver necklace would pair nicely with any monochromatic bikini.

2. Layers

Layered Gem Necklace, $8, Forever 21

Layers with pendants can take the simplest suit up several notches, thanks to the dimension. This one is so cheaply chic.

3. Don't Ask "Y"

Long Y-Necklace, $75, Nordstrom

A gold necklace always looks sweet when paired with lots of bare skin. This Y shape and extra long length will elevate any basic bikini.

4. Go Bold With Gold

Olea Necklace, $78, Anthropologie

This chunky, double layered necklace is more statement making than the other options. But it's also beautiful and is the only accessory you'd need with your bathing suit.

The best thing about these necklaces? You can wear 'em with bikinis, one-piece suits, or even with the summery uniform of tanks, cut-off shorts, and flip fops. You can even wear 'em with t-shirt dresses that have scoop necks.

See, they are so multifunctional. It's just super fun and fashionable to team them with swimwear. That's where you can have the most fun and get supremely creative. So do it.

Images: Kendall Jenner/Instagram (1); Kohl's (1); Forever 21 (1); Nordstrom (1); Anthropologie (1); Claire's (1)