7 Easy Ways To Tie An Oversized Scarf For Fall

Chilly fall weather means its time to start bundling up in cute layers again. Keep every outfit interesting and feeling like new with these easy ways to tie an oversized scarf. Whether you're off to a casual event or a super swanky night out, there's a simple and stylish way to wrap yourself up.

For those of you out there that have previously dodged giant scarves because you're convinced they can only make you look like you're wearing a blanket (cough my sister cough), think again! If you've written them off before as being too clunky or difficult to style, I promise you need to give them another chance ASAP. As the weather dips, you'll definitely thank yourself for your courageous fashion move.

And why stop at scarves? As you start to transition your wardrobe for the season, let yourself play around with new looks. Take a chance with stylish sweatshirts, unconventional but cute autumn boots, and even some daring silver or purple hued lipstick. Heck, maybe you should even pop a crop top— I guarantee that they'll all look fabulous with that big, gorgeous scarf of yours this coming fall!

Whatever your autumn style, an oversized scarf deserves a place in your wardrobe. For on point fall layers, try out the looks below!

1. Long And Loose Knot

Your scarf isn't a mere accessory in the background when you wear it like this — it's front and center!

2. All Bundled Up

Is your office super cold, even during the fall and winter months? This is a perfect way to stylishly wear your oversized scarf, while really using it as a blanket. Just try to stay awake!

3. The #ICantEven Single Fold

This is probably the most traditional way to wear a scarf, but since yours is longer than usual, it draws the eye down and makes you look even taller!

4. Bandana Vibes

Who says you can only wear bandanas and tiny scarves like neckerchiefs?

5. Elegant Single Knot

This unexpected, but subtle style is super high fashion.

6. Superhero Chic

Spruce up your 'ol t-shirt and jeans uniform while wrapping your scarf as a cape!

7. Classic Front Loop

You can't fail with a classic front loop.

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