Jessica Alba Shows How To Transition Your Wardrobe

Couture Week in Paris has given us plenty of fall wardrobe inspiration on and off the runway. Many celebrities and socialites wear designer's fall collections to get in the spirit, and Jessica Alba's thigh high boots, sheer tights, and structured dress in the middle of July serve as the perfect example of how to nail transitional styling.

While I'm sure they weren't the most breathable shoes to rock in 80 degree heat (certainly not as freeing as going braless, for instance), Alba kept her upper body cool with an above the knee sheath dress. Towards the end of the summer, this could be the ideal way to transition fall and summer clothes as the weather cools down. You've probably mastered the art of layering pieces, but accessories like thigh high boots work as well. If you're up north, temps may have already started to drop at night.

Surprisingly enough, Alba isn't the only celebrity to pair cold weather pieces with summer attire. As I said before, it's a common trend around fashion weeks that foreshadow the upcoming seasonings, so we have plenty of Pinterest-worthy outfits to work with here. I know you're probably still in vacation mode (it's hard to give up the idea of the beach, isn't it?) but planning a month in advace can't hurt. It's what all the true fashionistas do, after all.


For further outfit inspo, here are ten other celebs that have successfully executed a mixed season outfit this summer.

1. Anja Rubik

Ladies, this is proof that a quality blazer is a year-round staple.

2. Doutzen Kroes

Kroes' boho maxi dress is flowy enough for summer but also warm enough for September with a denim button-up layered over it. What's not to love?

3. Chrissy Teigen

Teigen's kimono is suitable for music festivals in the summer, but also chic when paired with skinny jeans and peep toe booties in the fall.

4. Gigi Hadid

One, why doesn't Hadid always wear glasses? And two, add tights and thigh high boots to this look and you'll be September ready again.

5. Elizabeth Olsen

Olsen's navy blue midi skirt and shirt matching combo isn't only adorable, it's also easily transitional when paired with trench coat. The fabric is thick enough that this would be ideal for gusty winds.

6. Selena Gomez

Like Alba, Selena Gomez is also rocking the thigh high suede booties. It's her birthday so she can do what she wants, right?

7. Khloe Kardashian

The girls in the Kardashian klan are always big fans of co-ord sets, but this body-con, long sleeve one that Khloe donned the other day is definitely within the fall color palette.

8. Lily Aldrige

Breaking news: you can wear sweaters during the summer (just make sure it's not that hot out). Paired with airy, white pants this look could swing summer or winter white.

9. Rita Ora

I can't vouch for how much Ora may have been sweating under that leather skirt, but paired with a matching blazer I imagine this is an easily attainable look at Zara for the fall. Or, you can always remove the blazer and go bare shouldered in the summer. Creativity, people!

10. Kendall Jenner

Kendall's satin pants are light enough for summer, but the long sleeve crop top makes it convertible for September. Also, that baby pink is killer.

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