Channing Tatum To Play 'Gambit' In X-Men Spinoff

They say that there's such a thing as too much of a good thing but, when that good thing is Channing Tatum, I would have to say that the adage falls flat. Rumors have been swirling about Channing Tatum's involvement in 20th Century Fox's X-Men spin-off film, Gambit. After lengthy negotiations (and allegations that Tatum was pulling out of the film), it has been officially confirmed that Channing Tatum will star in Gambit.

Tatum will be playing the titular superhero, a mutant superhuman who is able to mentally create and manipulate kinetic energy. His key skills are sleight of hand (due to a long history as a thief), hand-to-hand combat, and charging objects with kinetic energy to be used as explosives. His calling card, if you can excuse the pun, is a kinetically-charged handful of playing cards which he throws at his opponents.

Gambit is a character with a troubled history and a good deal of emotional complexity and depth; he's more than just a powerhouse fighter. Channing Tatum is the perfect actor to play Gambit and just in case you had any doubts, I have compiled a list of reasons why Tatum will perfectly embody this superhero in Gambit.

Gambit's Got a Rough Backstory

Gambit was abandoned at birth because of his burning red eyes and subsequently grew up on the streets, being raised, if you can even call it that, by a gang of thieves. As Gambit grows up and learns to control his powers, he also amends his immoral ways and seeks to do good, although he is haunted by his past. Channing Tatum is particularly adept at playing the tough guy who uses his masculinity to hide his emotional wounds, a talent that will surely come in handy in his portrayal of Gambit.

He's Got Super Abs

In case you have a puritanical sense of self-control and haven't seen Magic Mike, Channing Tatum has a pretty rocking body. No superhero is complete without washboard abs that protrude alluringly from his spandex suit and Channing Tatum perfectly fits the bill to portray Gambit's six pack.

Gambit's a Troubled Hero

Gambit was raised in a less-than-savory environment. One of his key skills is stealing (he used to be involved in a thieves' guild before becoming a member of the X-Men) and he's definitely in the Batman realm of heroes who don't fall cleanly into the 'good guy' category.Gambit has to work hard to prove to his fellow superheroes that he has changed his ways and wants redemption. I think that Tatum will excellently capture the troubled criminal turned hero quite well.

Gambit's a Ladies Man

Gambit has a reputation of being a bit of a player. It goes without saying that Channing Tatum will probably do a pretty decent job of pulling this one off because, well, he's Channing Tatum.

Gambit Is Skilled At Hand-To-Hand Combat

Gambit isn't one of those superheroes who is rendered useless without his supernatural powers. Gambit can hold his own in a fight and kick some ass when necessary. Tatum's physique and experience in fighting onscreen will undoubtedly come in handy as he prepares to play this superhuman badass.

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