20 Things You Say You'll Do Every Summer

In the months and weeks leading up to Memorial Day, we all do the same thing: create elaborate summer bucket lists full of all the things we want to accomplish within the next three months. Summer, with its long days and abundance of free hours, seems like the ideal time to do all of the things you're just too busy to do during the fall and winter. When it's freezing cold outside and you're imagining the warmer, sunnier days to come, you feel positive and seriously motivated. Spoiler alert: There are a lot of things you say you're going to do that you never actually do.

Then summer gets here, and crossing things off that bucket list suddenly becomes a whole lot harder. Remember when you thought summer was about free time? Yeah, that was before everyone you know started graduating, getting engaged, and having babies. Now, it's graduation parties, bachelorette parties, and baby showers almost every single weekend. Remember when you imagined you would have the energy to wake up early every day, make a green juice, do some yoga, and then go on a sunny adventure for hours? That was when you didn't factor in the massive hangover from the night before. Remember when you were a student, and summer meant a break from working so hard? Now you're an adult, and your job doesn't end.

August has decided to sneak up on us, so it's the perfect time to reflect back on all of the things you wanted to do that you never got around to. Don't feel too bad, though — you still have some time to try to get in a few activities. And honestly, you're not the only one who feels unfulfilled. Here are 20 things everyone says they're going to do during the summer that they never do.

1. Go on a road trip

A road trip sounds fun in theory, but then you think about the hours you'll spend in a car when it's hot out, how expensive gas is, and the fact that you have no idea where to go ...

2. Have a reunion with all of your high school besties

How many times did you say, "OMG we have to do drinks this summer, text me!" in the weeks leading up to June? And how many times did you actually follow through on these plans? Exactly.

3. Go on a weekend getaway somewhere awesome

Summer is the time for beach weekend getaways, right? Right ... if you thought to plan ahead in January, saved a few hundred dollars, and were willing to brave the traffic.

4. Go camping

Remember that time you thought camping sounded like the most fun thing ever? Until you remembered how many bugs there are in the summer? That was fun.

5. Work out every day, and become a fitness master

It's easy to imagine long runs during summer mornings or evenings. Notice how I said "imagine," and not "go on."

6. Eat healthy

Lots of fresh fruits and veggies are in season! You're going to be SO healthy ... or so you thought, until you realized that BBQ food is the best thing ever. And ice cream. Don't forget about those summer cones.

7. Start an awesome new hobby

There was a point when you planned on spending your extra free time learning something new. That was before you realized how little free time you had to do the things you already know you love.

8. Read all the books

You WANTED to go through a book a week, but ... honestly, who has the time?

9. Go out instead of binge-watching your favorite shows

Raise your hand if you planned on being a social butterfly this summer, but then discovered all the shows still waiting for you in your queue.

10. Do something productive to boost your career

I know, I know — you really were planning on doing something to get a leg up job-wise. But then you started laying out in the sun. At least you tried.

11. Actually make all of those recipes you've been pinning for months

Looking at those recipes and thinking about cooking them is just so much easier than actually cooking them, you know?

12. Actually do all of those DIY projects you've also been pinning

DIY seems like it's the cheaper, better option, until you realize you have to go out in that humidity to buy $100 worth of supplies.

13. Organize your bedroom

You tried. I know you did. It's just that organizing takes up so much time, and you had so much else to do.

14. Save money

Those $2 beers add up REALLY fast, apparently.

15. Make new friends

But why did you want to do this when your old friends are so great, and require so little effort?

16. Stop Facebook-stalking your ex

Sometimes you just have to let these things run their course.

17. Go on a picnic worthy of a million Instagram pictures

Does anyone actually even go on picnics anymore? Come on.

18. Hang out with your family more

You tried to do this, but every time something else came up. A for effort, right?

19. Start doing yoga

If only yoga didn't get in the way of binge-watching!

20. Enjoy the outdoors

Being outdoors seems so much better when you're indoors, you know?

Images: Kim Seng/Flickr; Giphy