Can Anyone Stop The Hebrew Breaker On 'SYTYCD'?

So You Think You Can Dance Season 12 is down to a very sweet Sweet 16. After two weeks of elimination votes, the field has been thinned out to the best of the best. The competition is fierce. America's preferences are making themselves known. Team Stage and Team Street are bringing it almost equally, with only a small percentage of votes separating them. The dancers left in the field know that they're there for a reason: Either their technique is so pristine that it leaves no room for discussion or their personalities and presence have won them a collection of devoted fans. Asaf Goren, who auditioned originally in Los Angeles, is in that second camp. And that might be enough to come out on top. Will Asaf Goren win So You Think You Can Dance?

His performances haven't been without their flaws, and the judges have let him know it. Still, Nigel Lythgoe, Paula Abdul, and Jason Derulo chose to use their judges' save on Goren last week, proving that they still believe in his potential. Things won't get any easier from here on out, so the breaker can't rest on his looks and charm. He's got to fight for it. And if he does, he could be the last dancer standing. Here's what he's got going for him.

1. He's A Hard Worker

Goren hardly has any experience in picking up choreography, unlike many of his competitors. After a rough week where Team Street captain tWitch had to give him some tough love, Goren got nothing but praise from his captain and his partner in the Top 18 performance show. "He never gives up," jazz dancer Marisa Miele said proudly of him in their pre-performance package.

2. He Learned His Lesson About Accepting Criticism Early

Goren put off some potential fans by initially appearing to disregard judges' comments and valid criticism. There hasn't been a tense moment between him and the panel in the live performance shows like there was during Vegas week. A dancer who comes in determined not to learn anything will never win a season of So You Think You Can Dance. It's all about new experiences and uncharted territory.

3. He's A Strong Partner

I mean that literally. The man is strong. Technique-wise, partnering is new to him. But he has the ability to lift and throw his fellow dancers without breaking a sweat. Now, he just has to harness it.

4. America Loves Street Dancers

The street styles are exciting and accessible. They usually come with dope music and sick costuming. These are the routines that seem to have the widest appeal, because it's a form of dance that viewers are used to seeing in videos, commercials, and other areas of pop culture. That's a plus for Asaf.

5. He's Way Cute

If dancing doesn't work out, Goren can always fall back on his side gig: underwear modeling.

6. The Judges Are On His Side

For whatever reason, the judges want to keep Goren in this competition, at least for now. His first save came courtesy of another dancer's misfortune; the judges selected Goren as the Top 20 alternate. This week, they kept him alive again. Whether his journey lasts until the finals or not, the panel did what they could to make sure it didn't end prematurely.

Will Asaf Goren battle into the Top 4? Only time and dance will tell.

Images: Adam Rose/Fox; soyouthinkyoucangif, patrikthestar, romy7/Tumblr