7 Things To Always Keep In Your Mini Fridge

by Chrissa Hardy

In order to succeed in anything, you need the right tools at your disposal. When it comes to college, sure, the books and proper study habits are important — but the tools required to ensure your mental and emotional college survival are things that can be found in your mini fridge. There are certain essentials you need to keep stocked in there that will come in handy when you're stressed, sad, happy, drunk, and hungover... and you probably won't feel much outside of those five emotional states during the four years you're at school anyway.

Luckily, these food items are not costly or hard to come by. They won't take up too much room in your tiny fridge, and they will keep you going throughout any collegiate struggles you face. They feed your guilty pleasures, and they will soothe your soul. If you happen to share a mini fridge with your roommates, make sure you implement a no-share or food labeling policy, because you don't want to find yourself in a bind without the following items. If you're not one to share food, that's totally fine, just make it known. Here's your go-to mini fridge grocery list. And really, the grocery list that most adults use too.

1. Cheese

As a topping, as a snack, or even as a meal, cheese is not a food you will ever regret eating. So as much cheese as you can fit into that little ice box, cram it in.

2. Hidden booze

Most dorms don't allow booze, unless you are of legal age to drink. So drink responsibly, and keep your booze hidden. Mix it with a juice, and keep it in a water bottle to avoid any R.A.-suspicion.

3. Pizza leftovers

Cold or hot, pizza is always a fulfilling choice. Unless you can finish a whole pizza on your own, you will probably (and should) always have leftovers to nosh on.

4. Vegetables

I know, veggies can be kind of meh when you have pizza, booze, and cheese, but you need to consume a few vegetables in order to keep your health maintained. The more veggies you eat, the more pizza you can eat.

5. Chocolate

Chocolate has antioxidants, so basically your body wants, needs, and deserves chocolate. It's only right to deliver.

6. Water

Hydration is key to staying in tip-top mental shape. Chug that water, and keep acing those tests.

7. Fruit

Fruit is the healthy substitute to candy. It's sweet, delish, and a perfect snack. It's like cheating on your diet without cheating at all. Win-win.

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Image: Eloise L/Flickr; Giphy (7)