See Nicky & Alex's First 'Fuller House' Photo

Another day, another awesome photo from the set of Fuller House! The latest one, posted on July 31, comes courtesy of John Stamos, who shared a picture of Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit, the twins who will reprise their roles as Nicky and Alex on Fuller House . Stamos, aka Uncle Jesse, played the twins' on-screen dad, so it's more than just a little sweet to see them reunited and having a great time on set.

The photo includes a throwback image of the twins from their Full House days. (Remember those haircuts?) However, the split image also shows the brothers making the same expressions as their younger selves. Stamos captioned the photo, "Boy, your sons grow up fast when you don't see them for 20yrs."

Although it's only a brief look at the twins now, it's enough to get me seriously excited about the upcoming series. (Is it 2016 yet?) Stamos' throwback photo is especially nostalgic for Full House fans who had to wait until the end of July to get official confirmation that the Tuomy-Wilhoits would be joining the spin-off.

Luckily, there's another (albeit small) glimpse into their updated characters. Dylan Instagrammed a photo of himself with model Morgan Hollie, teasing that it was "behind the scenes." Seeing as Stamos also shared a photo of himself with Hollie and Full House creator Jeff Franklin, there's a good chance that she'll be a part of the show, too. (And, apparently, interact with Dylan's character!)

The Tuomy-Wilhoits are 24 now, which means that when Fuller House premieres, we'll be seeing Nicky and Alex in an entirely different light! The twins stayed out of the spotlight following the end of Full House. Blake has been working as a firefighter in Atlanta, while Dylan worked on sound for Game of Thrones. Yet even if this is the only time they plan to reprise their acting careers, who cares? Nicky and Alex are back, and that's all that matters.

Images: ABC; JohnStamos/Twitter; dcchillinn/Instagram