Check Out Olivia Munn's 'X-Men' Fight Skills

These days, it seems like Instagram is the first, official stop to showing off your superior athleticism. Well, in the celebrity world, at least (I wouldn’t really know, on account of the fact that it’s hard for me to run a straight mile). The latest star to take to social media platforms sporty prowess is Olivia Munn, who Instagrammed her X-Men: Apocalypse workout and showed off some fierce skills. I have to tell you, I wouldn’t want to get on her bad side to her after seeing this video. She’s quite fierce.

While athleticism is one way to show off the fact that you’re a badass, it definitely is not the only way. Munn has been proving she’s not one to mess with for quite some time now, even before getting cast in X-Men: Apocalypse as Psycloche, a mutant with impressive combat skills, among other talents. Her Instagram is a series of evidential proof that there are so many more aspects that go into being a total boss. And, apparently, a lot of it has to do with having fun, laughing at yourself, baking and eating good food, and being extremely chill. Who would've thought?

Here are eight ways Olivia Munn’s Instagram proves she’s a badass.

1. Sure, She Does Sick Stunts

I definitely can't do that. No, sir.

2. But, She Also Bakes Some Dope Looking Desserts

I can't deal with how good this looks.

3. She Fist Bumps David Letterman

So much better than a handshake.

4. And High Fives Adorable Puppy Dogs

So much better than a fist bump with David Letterman. (No offense, David Letterman).

5. She Can Effortlessly Defeat A Pint Of Haagen-Dazs

I bow to thee.

6. She Chills With Oprah

OPRAH. That's the highest level of #squadgoals.

7. She (Almost) Gets Strikes At The White House's Bowling Alley


8. Oh Yeah, And She Apparently Swims In Life-Sized Pies

Whatever floats your boat, girl.

Well, if you won't say it, I will. After she finishes up X-Men, Munn for president, anyone? Count me in.