'Mad Men' Auction Features 1,400 Items From The Beloved TV Show, Including Some Of The Most Iconic Accessories, So You Can Get Your Inner Peggy On

I never could truly get into Mad Men's storyline, in part because I have the worst attention span. However, one thing I could hone in on: the fashion. The show perfectly represented many aspects of '60s New York culture, and every episode I just had to have everything. "Having everything" became a possibility for buyers, as a Mad Men auction began featuring 1,400 items from the show. This means people will be getting their inner mod babes or Fifth Avenue fashionistas out very soon.

According to Racked, Screenbid, a sale auction site, began the bidding on July 31. A full list of items was released by Screenbid for people to browse and see what they were potentially interested in. According to Racked, items available were Don and Megan Draper's party napkin rings or Pete Campbell's copy of the June 6, 1996 New York Times. Bids for items started at $50, though of course there were some higher priced items.

Now, lets get to the good stuff: accessories. Like Peggy Olson's handbags and Joan's shoes, according to Racked. Some items are a little less glam, like Peggy's used beer cans and Don's candy wrappers, according to The Guardian. Other items include some of Don's suits, along with a few of his pajamas. Basically, you can seriously up your style game from this auction. According to The Guardian, items that are also "available are Roger Sterling’s sports jacket for yacht-club chic, and Stan Rizzo’s line in Easy Rider cool. See button-down shirts, love beads and short leather trench coat."

There had been a similar auction in 2010, but this one differs in that women's accessories have been made available. such as Betty's engagement ring from Henry and Joan's emerald necklace, according to Racked. The best part about these collectibles is that you can actually wear them and live in them. Mad Men was always a fantasy world for fashion, and if you're not one to thrift, this auction was the perfect way to live this golden age in real life.

Images: AMC; @eater, @zseward, @newslockfashion/Twitter