Is Clare Leaving 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Mikey & Their Fight Shoudn't Get In The Way Of Her Search For Love

And we're off to the dating races! Just like that Bachelor in Paradise has begun and is already full of romantic drama. For example, when Clare Crawley returned to Bachelor in Paradise she found that a lot of the guys she liked were "taken" and had to invite Mikey on a date simply because he was the only one offering to go. It was pretty clear that Clare wasn't feeling him romantically, so when she had a chance to go out on another date with Jared, she leapt at the opportunity. (In Paradise, Jared is basically the George Clooney of the bunch, it's a whole thing.) But, Mikey didn't take Clare's date with Jared well and got in a fight with her. He started yelling at her for basically leading him on by going on one date with him and then having the audacity to go on a date with someone else.

Fortunately Clare stuck by her decision, telling Mikey that she made it clear she was here to find love and part of that was "to talk to everybody." But, that didn't help Mikey understand, and he carried on saying she disrespected him. "She's totally full of sh*t," he told the camera.

Basically Mikey needs to chill. It's not like they were exclusively dating. They literally spent one date together. It's Week 2. No one should be tied down that quickly. Hopefully the fight won't make Clare want to leave the show, or have Mikey suggest she should. Whatever happened between them, Clare deserves this shot.

Honestly, Mikey needs to get over himself and get his head in the game. Clare is playing this game to try and actually find love. This is her second time doing it so she knows better than anyone that if the sparks aren't there in the beginning, you don't really have time to try and create them. The best thing she can possibly do is continue to date other guys she is interested in on the show and see if there is a connection there.

Miley clearly doesn't get how this works. Hopefully he finds a better match for himself soon, so he can let Clare do Clare and leave her alone.

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell (2)