This Could Hinder Clare Crawley's Shot At Love

Clare Crawley is one of the baddest b*tches to ever be a part of The Bachelor franchise. We first met Clare as a contestant on Juan Pablo’s season where she was known as the woman who rejected his lame post-dumping hug. But, after Clare joined Bachelor in Paradise last season, she really became my favorite. After Clare was essentially slut-shamed by fellow contestant AshLee Frazier and didn't find a man she really wanted to be with, Clare basically said something along these lines: “I don’t need this crap. I’m a grown woman, and I’m just not feeling this anymore,” and she left Bachelor in Paradise. So, now that she has made the decision to return the show again, why is Bachelor in Paradise having Clare show up late?

Clare doesn't appear until night two, which is going to effectively kill her second second chance at finding love, because everyone knows most BiP couples start on day one and don't really shift after that. (Or, at least that's how it worked out last year.)

Honestly, it’s like the producers are setting Clare up for failure. The way that Bachelor in Paradise works is that everyone arrives and pretty quickly pairs up. The dudes get to choose the ladies that they’d like to couple with, and if the girls are feeling it, too, then boom — you guys get to go on a date.

There are odd numbers so that the pairings are like musical chairs — people get cut — but for the most part there are all couples. Every week, couples that opt not to stay together get cut, and those that do move onto the end. It’s pretty simple.

But, here’s the catch — if a contestant arrives later on, instead of the first day, well, mostly everyone is coupled up already. You didn’t beat out the crowd, and you’re the old maid, which is kind of the treatment that Clare got on the show last year when AshLee "claimed" Graham, and Clare was stuck going on a date with whoever would have her. She deserves to do the picking, and yet, it's happening again. According to the press release for Monday's episode:

Clare returns with a date card in hand and a mission to find herself a man. To her disappointment, all of the guys that she’s into seem to be taken. Mikey T. seizes the opportunity by inviting himself on the date and without any other options, Clare accepts.

Why can’t the producers of Bachelor in Paradise just Clare be happy? I think she’s in it for love (seriously), so why set her up for abject failure by adding her on day two instead of day one? What is the deal? I just want Clare to get a fair shot.

I hope this year shapes up differently after the initial dates and that Clare gets a real chance at love. After dealing with Juan Pablo and not finding love on BiP last season, this girl deserves a win.

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell; Giphy