Why Is Jillian Anderson's Butt Censored On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Her Black Bar Made The Trip To Mexico

Some women have a go-to little black dress, but Bachelor in Paradise star Jillian’s butt has a little black bar. It all started on Chris Soules’ season, when then-contestant Jillian’s teeny bikinis wreaked havoc with ABC’s censors. There was just a little too much behind for such a family show, you know? Eventually, the little black bar that followed (literally) Jillian in the pool, in the house, and on her dates with Chris on became a little bit of a running joke. At one point, it was hard to know if her backside was even out — it was just a funny inside reference for Bachelor nation to enjoy. Lucky for us and perhaps unluckily for Jillian, the bar is back, baby — Jillian’s little black bit of censorship has returned for her stint on Bachelor in Paradise .

I mean, let’s get one thing straight — Jillian’s bod is a work of art. She trains hard to get that body (she’s an avid Crossfit participant), and so she deserves to feel confident enough to show it off. I’m not exactly in favor of censoring a woman’s body, because that is the form that Jillian was born with and Jillian can certainly wear what she wants without the show telling her what to do, but I do think it’s funny that this bar from one season of The Bachelor has taken on a life of its own. Her showing up in a bikini for her entrance to Bachelor In Paradise was a fun, tongue-in-cheek way of referencing that.

All bars and butts aside, I’m happy to see Jillian back on my television. She was definitely an outspoken member of Chris’ season, and I’d love to hear what she has to say about… mostly everything instead of focusing on her ample backside (and the ways ABC tries to block it).

Images: Bob D’Amico/ABC Giphy