Bachelor In Paradise' Raccoon Is Absent, But The Stars Are Talking To Other Animals Anyway

Being on The Bachelor/ette and Bachelor In Paradise has got to get to a person after a while. There are no phones, no computers, no people from home, and really nothing to do except for drink, fight, and fix your hair. It’s enough to make everyone go a little bit insane. That’s probably why people on all of these shows have a history of talking to animals. Never forget Clare talking to a raccoon on Bachelor in Paradise Season 1. I mean, to be fair, it was edited to look that way and she was actually talking to a producer. But, I mean, eventually, you probably get sick of chatting with the other girls/guys in the house, right? That would explain why the tradition of imitating Dr. Doolittle has returned to Season 2 of Bachelor In Paradise and everyone is talking to animals.

I have to say that talking to a raccoon had to be better than talking to anyone else on that season of Bachelor In Paradise. And, because this franchise loves to beat a dead horse (not literally), the animal discussions are already alive and well, and we’re only an episode in. So, who has talked to the animals so far? (And, fingers crossed they come across the raccoon at some point.)

Well, Ashley S., for starters. She was chatting up a pig (who did not seem to reciprocate her feelings) in the show’s “where are they now” sequence, and I think there were a few chickens in there, too. Then, upon her arrival to Paradise, Ashley cut off Chris Harrison’s welcome speech to go hang out with some birds. Parrots, to be exact, because, in her own words, “You know I love birds, right?”

She’s basically the opposite of Kaitlyn Bristowe, who loathes birds even though she has birds tattooed on her arms. Go figure. Who else will find their inner Disney princess and summon the woodland creatures for conversations and critter stuff? Only time will tell, so stay tuned.

Images: screengrab/ABC (2)