Hailee Payne Should Win 'So You Think You Can Dance' Because She's The Brightest Star On Team Stage

The journey continues for the So You Think You Can Dance Top 16, but the finals will be here before you know it. Once the eliminations start, it's a quick and steady march, as the show loses two dancers a week until just a final four are left. Audiences are just starting to really learn who the judge and fan favorites are. Every season, So You Think You Can Dance has a few dancers in the stable who can't really go wrong with either. This year, there is such a shining star on Team Stage. Hailee Payne, who originally auditioned in Los Angeles, might just be unstoppable. The jazz dancer hasn't made a wrong move yet (besides the judges' strange reaction to the costuming in her jazz routine with Marissa and Alexa, go figure) and her personality and smile have courted many devoted fans. Could Payne win Season 12 of So You Think You Can Dance ?

Even if she doesn't win the whole competition, I'm betting on Payne remaining in the pool until the bitter end. There's so much about the performance shows that are out of the dancers' control: costumes, choreographers, partners, etc. But this dancer seems capable of rolling with any circumstances that are handed to her. Payne's adaptability and easygoing nature are her greatest strengths. But that's not all she's got going for her. Here's why I think that Payne should be voted America's Favorite Dancer this year.

1. She's The Most Street Dancer On Team Stage

Unlike some of her Stage teammates, Hailee has studied hip hop and loves to practice it. Her robot routine with Virgil Gadson brought the house down last week, and Captain Travis Wall told Payne how happy he is to have a versatile dancer like her on his side.

2. She Has An Infectious Sense Of Humor

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Maybe it's her own mega-watt smile, but something about Payne just makes me grin when I look at her. She's approaching this competition with a sense of fun and play. Even if she doesn't win, she can still say she had the time of her life.

3. Choreographers Love Her

Payne goes for it, and loves a challenge. Choreographers are responding to her fearlessness. Having the choreographers on your side really says something significant about a contestant. They're the experts, after all.

4. She Has A Lot Of Professional Potential

One of the great joys of being a So You Think You Can Dance fan is seeing former competitors pop up later in commercials, music videos, Broadway shows, or even the Super Bowl. I think casting directors will love Hailee's bright smile and shock of blond hair.

5. Those Lines


6. She's Hella Athletic

These dancers are athletes, and Payne is one of the strongest in this field. Keep on shining, Hailee.

Images: Adam Rose/Fox; so-sytycd/Tumblr