9 Anna Kendrick Quotes That Will Make You Want The Actress To Be Your Best Friend

With the advent of Twitter, we got a new insight into the lives of celebrities, since they were able to share their personal musings for the whole world to see. Sure, this new method of communication has gotten a lot of people in trouble and started some bizarre "Twitter beefs" (see: Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj), but it's also given us the beauty of Cher's wonderfully strange musings, Kanye West's water bottle tweet, and the self-deprecating ramblings of Anna Kendrick. Through her Twitter, as well as in her many interviews, it's become apparent that Anna Kendrick is total best friend material. She is a girl who never takes herself too seriously and likes to point out all those weird moments that happen in day to day life.

I don't know about you, but I would definitely feel comfortable telling Kendrick my horrific first date stories and know that she'd have no problem sharing the scary details of her own. Apart from on social media, she's been candid in her interviews about the film industry, feminism, and everything in between and is one of the rare celebrities who literally is "just like us!"

In that spirit, I started the very (not) difficult process of scouring through some Anna Kendrick quotes that prove she could and should be best friends with all of us.

1. When She Kept It Soooo Real

Don't you tell me you haven't thought this.

2. When She Gave Great Diet Advice

I wholeheartedly agree.

3. When Her Teenage Self Was Super Relatable

She shared with Refinery29:

In some ways I wish I’d been more outgoing, but in other ways, I was probably loud and obnoxious. I mean, who knows? It’s hard to judge yourself and who you were as an adolescent, but I remember thinking that nobody knew who I was.

4. When She Said This

Never get between a lady and her food.

5. When She Was Very Sarcastic

Her Pitch Perfect co-star Rebel Wilson asked her in a Max 60 Seconds interview if she'd rather be on People's Sexiest List or the Most Intriguing People list. She quickly responded,

The sexiest, I mean I don’t care about being intriguing or intelligent. So that’s why I got into this business. It’s like one day, I looked into the mirror and I was like "the world just really needs to see my face and body." It’s like my gift to the world.

6. When She Admitted Her Taco Bell Love

She told Conan O'Brien on his show, "I cannot eat Taco Bell before Midnight, it's like a reverse Gremlins thing. It has to be done under a cover of darkness..." I think I've had this conversation before. On my way to Taco Bell. With a group of friends in tow. Whoops!

7. When She Was Obsessed With Queen Bey

Yup, I would act the same way.

8. When She Talked About Making Friends And Dating

She also told Refinery29, "I meet a lot of new people, but I connect with a very select few of them. It just reinforces to me how important those people are."

9. When She Had No Time For The Thigh Gap

Ain't no body got time for that talk.

Anna Kendrick is pretty much the realest celebrity lady out there, so I'll just keep trying to send her an invite to my next ladies night.

Images: Getty Images