Liam Understands Why Zayn Left 1D

Everything is going be alright, Directioners: Liam Payne understands why Zayn Malik decided to leave One Direction — and it doesn't seem as though he harbors any bad feelings. On Wednesday last week, Malik announced he had signed a solo deal with RCA Records, tweeting: "I guess I never explained why I left , it was for this moment to be given the opportunity to show you who i really am! #realmusic #RCA !!" Many people interpreted Malik's use of the "#realmusic" hashtag as a dig at 1D, but Payne didn't see it that way. According to Billboard, the singer told BBC Radio 1 host Nick Grimshaw on Monday:

One Direction was never Zayn's sort of music, so he kind of always wanted to find something else. If your heart's not into something you can't just carry on doing it because of fame and stuff. You have to go and do what you want to do.

Billboard reports Payne went on to congratulate Malik on his new venture. Afterwards, he noted: "There's too much history for there not to be love." Apparently, Payne feels as though Malik's departure has actually strengthened the bond between One Direction's four remaining members:

... I feel like we're stronger than ever now actually, which is strange but it's worked out really nicely for everybody.

As Bustle's Tracy Dye points out, 1D and Malik have continually supported each other following their split in March. For example, after One Direction dropped their new single, "Drag Me Down," last Thursday, Malik tweeted these kind words:

So, while the past few rumor-filled months have certainly been tough for Directioners, it seems as though everything's going to be just fine. I think there's a bright future ahead for both 1D and Malik! Now, if only they could squash their ongoing beef with producer Naughty Boy...