One Direction & Naughty Boy Feud Needs To End Now

It looks like there's still bad blood between One Direction and Naughty Boy. Fans are familiar with the Louis Tomlinson and Naughty Boy Twitter feud, fueled after a reported Zayn Malik solo track leaked. Two months later, Tomlinson and Malik exchanged insults after Naughty Boy appeared to taunt One Direction fans. Although Malik defended his tweet, there was still a lot of tension between the band and Naughty Boy. Things took a turn when Malik slammed Naughty Boy on Twitter, but it doesn't look like One Direction (and their fans) are ready to forgive and forget. Case in point: Tomlinson and Liam Payne appeared to stomp on a Naughty Boy piñata during their July 28 concert.

In the video clip, which was tweeted by a fan, the two band members enthusiastically jump on something that's landed onstage. The text of the tweet reads "LOUIS AND LIAM CRUSHING A NAUGHTY BOY PIÑATA OMG I CANT BREATH THIS THE BEST THING EVER." If that's not a statement enough, in the background Harry Styles can be heard singing Malik's bridge from "Story of My Life."

While the fans seemed to love the piñata bashing, it's time that One Direction and Naughty Boy put this feud behind them. At this point, the fight feels like something out of Mean Girls — and comparing grown men to Regina George isn't exactly a compliment. Both the remaining members of One Direction and Malik are role models with millions of fans who look up to them, so it's time they set a good example. (Malik and Tomlinson handling their issues offline is a good start.) After all, the band have a lot of wonderful memories together and it's a shame to see them like this.

The next time One Direction or Malik are baited to lash out at either each other or Naughty Boy, I suggest they take the opportunity to let the world know there's no bad blood.