"What Couples Around The World Fight About" Video From BuzzFeed Might Make You Feel Better About Your Relationship — VIDEO

Though the world contains a multitude of cultures, all of which have their own conventions when it comes to relationships, one thing is pretty consistent across the board — couples fight. But according to BuzzFeed's video "What Couples Around the World Fight About," these fights can end up sounding pretty similar, no matter where in the world you are. Even though fights aren't always pleasant, it's comforting to know that we've pretty much all been there, isn't it?

If you're currently in a romantic relationship, have ever been in a romantic relationship, or have consumed any form of media that depicts romantic relationships, you'll already know that some fights are common across the board: You have the home-based fights where your partner cooks something differently than you do or buys a different brand of toilet paper than you're used to, which erupts into an argument; you have the "what are we getting for dinner" themed fights, especially if you and your partner are both indecisive people; you have stress fights over the holidays when you feel like you're doing all the cooking and cleaning and your partner just won't get off the couch; and of course you have the vacation fight, because fighting can still happen when you're trying to have a nice, romantic time away together. According to a Harris Interactive poll filled out last year by 1,000 people, couples fight a lot about money, which makes sense; it's harder to cater spending habits to the needs and wants of two people than it is just one person.

But what are some specific fights couples have across the globe? Take a look at some of the complaints from the video from country to country — they might just ring true for you too.

1. Organization

Him: "I don't think things have specific places where they should be put."

Her: "Well, I like to have a nice, organized setting in my closet."

Him: "And I like piles."

2. Cleanliness

Her: "We have to change into slippers when we enter a house. Different slippers for the bathroom, the kitchen, the backyard, my room, his room, everything's different. You always forget to change them."

Him: "Yeah, well, there are so many slippers, I can't really do much."

Her: "It's very frustrating."

3. Passive Agression

Him: "When she's bothered by something, instead of saying what it is, she just stops responding for a while. You won't hear from her for half an hour, so I'm like, 'What's going on?'"

Her: "Yeah, I do that."

4. Etiquette

Him: "You know, we go out to some social venues and I'm just trying to keep things easy, lighthearted, and she'll just bring up politics. You know, she's yapping away about this and that and people get uncomfortable about it."

Her: "I'm passionate!"

Him: "OK."

5. Food

Him: "So I'm Dominican and she's Mexican, and Domincan people don't really eat spicy food — it's mostly savory. And she wants to cook me Dominican food, which is cute, but you don't put jalapenos stuffed into plantains."

Her: "No, it's flavorful. The word is flavorful."

Watch the full video here for even more commonly experienced fights by couples across the world. See? It's not just you and your bae!

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