8 Beauty Essentials For Hiking That Won't Weigh Down Your Bag

Getting ready to hit the trail? Alongside your water bottle and granola bars, it's crucial to pack some essential beauty products for hiking before you head out on the trail. Don't worry: I'm not saying you need to wear a full face of foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick (though you can if you want to). Instead, you'll want to focus on skincare, since being away from your computer and breathing actual fresh air can be a real shock to your system. Being prepared for anything that life throws at you while outdoors is a great way to ensure a fun, relaxing hike. The best part? None of these essential travel-size beauty items will bog down your bag.

When it comes to spending the day outdoors, it's important to think about ahead. Are you walking through a heavily wooded area? Are you going to be coming across any rivers or creeks? You want to think about these specific factors in order to get a clear picture of what you may encounter on the trail. While this may sound a little too cautious, these products can definitely come in handy for any unexpected mishaps. Here are some handy items to bring along for a day spent hiking.

1. Sunscreen

No matter if you're hiking in a heavily wooded area or in the middle of a desert, it's always best to slather on sunscreen before a long day outside. Apply some all over 20 minutes before you head outside, then bring a travel size bottle along so you can reapply throughout the day.

Coola Sport SPF 30 Sunscreen Spray, $36, A mazon

2. Hair Ties

Got long hair? Make sure to pack a few elastics with you to keep your it out of the way. Tying your hair back is a great way to keep cool, and keep your hair from tangling. I love using hair bands that are made from ribbon or cloth in order to avoid the dreaded hair crimp.

Karina Rosette Twist Ties, $8, Ulta

3. Lip Balm

Sunburned lips are the worst! Bring along a lip balm with SPF in order to keep your lips moisturized and burn-free.

Supergoop! Fusion Lip Balm, $10, Amazon

4. Citronella Oil

Forget sticky bug spray! Make your own with citronella oil. I love mixing a bit of the essential oil with water in a spray bottle. This oil is amazing at keeping bugs at bay.

100% Citronella Oil, $12, Jet

5. Lucas' Papaw Ointment

This stuff is a lifesaver for a day out in the wilderness. From cuts and scraps to bug bites and rashes, this stuff heals all. This ointment is filled with all-natural ingredients with amazing antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that are perfect for healing any skin irritants.

Lucas' Papaw Ointment, $9, Amazon

6. Swiss Army Knife

While this isn't a typical beauty tool, it does have some amazing beauty benefits. Get a hang-nail or splinter while out on the trail? A Swiss Army knife can help you out.

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife, $17, Amazon

7. Facial Wipes

Whether your makeup is sweating off or you fall into a bit of mud, facial wipes are perfect for any upsets on the trail.

3-in-1 Facial Towelettes, $6, The Honest Co.

8. Deodorant

It's going to get hot out there! Pack deodorant in order to keep yourself feeling and smelling fresh throughout your hike.

La Vanila Healthy Deodorant, $14, Amazon

Images: Pixabay (1); Courtesy Brands (8)