8 Books To Take On A Cruise, Because The High Seas Are A Great Place To Dive Into A Good Read

Whatever your reason for embarking on a trip to sea, you've made a good choice. There are the buffets, there's the booze, the pool deck, the sunsets, and that lovely sensation of feeling small again. You may dance all night, and you may meet someone lovely (hey, who said true love can't burst and bloom on a cruise deck?). But if you ask me — and as far as I'm concerned, you are — the best way to enjoy the ultimate relaxing vacay on the high seas is catch some rays and dive into a story. (Dive! Get it? Oh man, I've been out in the sun for too long.)

Let’s make your cruise reading list unforgettable. There’s something for everyone here — including titles for the lady who wants to relax, the one who wants to forget, the gal who wants an adventure, and the person who really craves a little romance in her life.

You may need to pack just one if you're planning on filling your schedule with trips to the rock wall or the ice skating rink, but if you’re cruise is long enough, pack them all. You know I think that's the best decision.

Find Me by Laura van den Berg

Find Me is so engaging that you might need to set an alarm to turn over on your lounge chair. An orphan girl, who is immune to a bizarre plague, goes on an incredible trip across the U.S. in a post-apocalyptic world as she searches for her mother. There’s no way you’ll be able to put this book down.

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Magic For Beginners by Kelly Link

Get ready to be wowed by the seemingly ordinary settings laced with wacky and fantastical elements in this stellar collection of short stories. Magic For Beginners will make your imagination run wild, and you’ll feel like you’re really in another world. Perfect for any vacation, eh?

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Life of Pi by Yann Martel

If you’re going to be on a boat, you might as well read a book about a guy on a boat, right? Or a life raft in this case. Life of Pi is an adventure of a novel that follows Pi, a guy who has been lost at sea after a shipwreck. Just remind yourself that it’s just fiction — your giant ship is NOT going down.

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The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

Are you taking a vacation to relax and lighten up? The bestselling romantic comedy The Rosie Project will have you easing into a cozy chair and sipping frozen concoctions in no time. It’s a sweet story of genetics professor looking for true love, and the wacky adventures he has in pursuit of the woman he's fallen for.

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Racing the Sun by Karina Halle

If you can’t read scandalous fiction on vacation, where can you read it? In my opinion any book on deck is subject to the judgment free zone. Racing the Sun is so hard to put down because it’s full of drama, sex, and passion. A nanny falls for her bratty kids’ older brother — a sexy, motorcycle-riding Italian guy. Don’t you wish you could relate?

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Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

You probably decided on a cruise to relax, unwind, and cut yourself off from reality. Fair enough. Read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo to totally zone out and solve a dark and thrilling crime. You’ll zip through this mystery novel so fast that you might even have more time for planned family activities. Or not when you find out that there are more books in this series. Oops.

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Image: Pete Markham/flickr