8 Social Media Mysteries That Only Veronica Mars Could Solve

I feel like it's really important that Veronica Mars returned to our screens (or granted, a much bigger screen) in 2014, because her job is never done. Whereas some occupations go defunct with the times (I'd really hate to have been an iceman), the world will always have mysteries that need solving, and our girl is the one to do it. But here's the sitch: Veronica went on a huge mystery-solving sabbatical from 2007 to 2014, and, silly as it may seem, there have been huge leaps in technology since the series ended. What kind of social media mysteries would the blonde super sleuth be solving today?

I mean, luckily Veronica didn't go to high school in an iPhone-driven world, because the teen drama today is way too much to handle, even if you're the best private eye on television. Regardless, I've come up with a bunch of scenarios that our girl would be potentially thrust into... after taking maybe a dash of creative liberty.

And because you're dying of curiosity, here's a handful of mysteries that Veronica would confront in a thoroughly modern Neptune. And keep your eyes open for these in the sequel, because you never know...

1. Veronica Mars And The Brunch Time FOMO Mystery


In a race against the clock, Veronica has to help a frantic Hearst College sophomore find out where her sorority sisters are having brunch at today. They posted powdered strawberry french toast on Instagram, but they didn't tag the restaurant. They always tag the restaurant! Is something sinister afoot? Probably not, and this girl is in luck, because Veronica can relate to being shut out by her friends.

2. Veronica Mars And The Lilly Kane Parody Twitter Account


Why would some rando Internet creep take up Lilly's mantle? And isn't it in bad taste to tag everything with #YOLO considering Lilly was... you know, murdered and all? Veronica has to get to the bottom of this.

3. Veronica Mars And The Hashtag Killer


TWIST ON THE SAME IDEA: Somebody's kidnapped Madison Sinclair. Now her kidnapper has taken over her social media accounts, keeping everyone updated on her hostage situation by tagging everything #SinclairAbduction2015 and #Blessed. The hashtag starts to trend due to a flood of support and Veronica, as much as she hates Madison, has to find her before she takes over the entire newsfeed.

4. Veronica Mars And The Unanswered Text


It's been 20 minutes. Does Logan want to go to the movies or not?

5. Veronica Mars And The Unintentional Swipe Left


Dick was drunkenly sifting through Tinder at the 09er party last night, and he accidentally swiped left on this totally hot chick when he meant to swipe right. Can Veronica Mars track her down?

6. Veronica Mars And The Macbook Air That Just Won't Work


She actually spilled her coffee on the keyboard. Better enlist Mac for this one.

7. Veronica Mars And The Screenshotted Snapchats


Nudes everywhere, but who's hacking into the system?! Actually I'm pretty sure you can screenshot Snapchat, but let's say this is a scenario where the app wouldn't call you out on it with the little blue arrows.

8. Veronica Mars And The Photoshopping of Waffles


A corgi with an endearing medical deformity takes the Internet by storm, but is he really what his Instagram account claims him to be, or do these #nofilter posts have filters? Veronica's going to get to the bottom of this.

Hey, this gives me an idea for a new TV show... Reboot, CW?

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