What Your First Day Of School Outfit Should Be, Based On Your Sign

If you can't figure out what to wear on the first day of school this fall, try consulting the stars. The Saturn Sisters have teamed up with LOFT.com to tell you exactly what your first day of school outfit should be based on your sign! Lucky for all of us, the universe is totally on point this year with the latest trends.

Starting August 5, you can head over to LOFT for daily and monthly horoscopes from the Saturn Sisters. Whether you're looking for guidance on your love life, career steps, financial matters, or what shoes to wear, these sisters have got you covered. Given how fashion is such an expression of who you are and what you're going through, LOFT's pairing with the horoscope duo makes perfect sense.

This isn't the first time LOFT has launched an awesome partnership. In January, the fun brand teamed up with #HotMessMove to release a series of hilarious videos that tell the truth about New Year's resolutions. Their message for the campaign was all about being proud of who you are, regardless of resolutions, and I'm sure we can expect the same kind of positive life outlook from The Saturn Sisters with LOFT. And, some solid fashion advice!

If you're still figuring out what your first day outfit should be, The Saturn Sisters and LOFT were kind enough to give all of us out there the perfect outfit based on our signs. Find yours below.


You’ve had a heck of a summer, Aries. Show ‘em what you’ve got on the first day back in a painterly midi-dress that bares your tanned shoulders, with a burst of color that befits your fiery spirit.

(Painterly MIDI dress, $89.50, LOFT)


Your sign rules the throat, Taurus: you must make sure your voice is heard at school (and beyond) this fall. In a statement piece like a beaded gem twist necklace, no one will be able to ignore you.

(Beaded Gem Twist Necklace, $44.50, LOFT)


Geminis demand attention, and when you make an entrance in modern high-waist skinny ankle jeans you’ll be seen and heard.

(Modern High Waist Skinny Ankle Jeans, $69.50, LOFT)


Cancers tend to take care of everyone else, but on the first day back to school in 2015, make a statement: I am totally taking care of myself this year, starting with this luscious, soft, easy-going tassel tee.

(Tassel Tee, $34.50, LOFT)


You’ve been bringing serious drama all summer long, so why stop now, Leo? A fluid midi-skirt in attention-grabbing persimmon is basically the same thing as writing, directing, and starring in your own show.

(Fluid Midi Skirt, $69.50, LOFT)


Your secret-sauce is simple: people think you’re buttoned up, but you’re really a bit of a wild child. Throw them off your trail by throwing a signature cotton cardigan with just a few unbuttoned buttons over your tee.

(Signature Cotton Cardigan, $49.50, LOFT)


Your elegance, intellect, and grace precede you as the school year opens, and in stacked, peep-toe mules you convey the ultimate Libra message: I’m totally balanced, beautiful, and ready to hit the books.

(Stacked Peep Toe Mules, $79.50, LOFT)


Scorpios can up the ante of their mysterious allure in a spotted dolman softened shirt – it’s just the right blend of feminine and comfortable for the first day back.

(Spotted Dolman Softened Shirt, $59.50, LOFT)


Nobody rocks gypsy chic like a Sadge does – you were born to run, and in a denim jacket in sterling blue wash, no one will be able to catch up with you on the first day back to school – or the rest of the year, for that matter.

(Denim Jacket In Sterling Blue Wash, $79.50, LOFT)


Uber-practical Caps need clothes in which to run the world. Even if you just start with ruling your class, a polished textured stripe swing dress says, “I’m totally in charge, but I also look smashing.”

(Textured Stripe Swing Dress, $79.50, LOFT)


Genius Aquarians basically own the future. On the first day back to school, make a brilliant statement in an on-trend striped linen blend tee.

(Striped Linen Blend Tee, $44.50, LOFT)


As the most starry-eyed, super dreamy sign of the zodiac, head back to school in a rom-com worthy full lace skirt. You’ve got all the feels, Pisces -- why hold back?

(Full Lace Skirt, $79.50, LOFT)

Image Credit: @loft/Instagram; All images courtesy of LOFT