LOFT x #HotMessMoves Partner Up For A Series of Hilarious Videos That Tell the Truth About New Year's Resolutions

Every year it's the same story. You meticulously plan out your New Year's resolutions each December, but come January 15th you've already stopped working out, commenced your thrice-weekly Seamless habit, and succumbed to the flirtatious 3 a.m. text messages of that asshole who's number you swore to finally delete in 2015. Don't worry, we get it. And so do LOFT and #HotMessMoves.

The brand and group of hilarious ladies teamed up for a series of short videos poking fun at the concept of trying to "start over" each January 1st. The clips, which are each about a minute long, show the women discussing who to block on their iPhones, challenging would-be suitors to bring their A-game, working out while wearing plastic wrap, and using some, erm, unorthodox cooking techniques before finally deciding to throw in the towel and order Thai... all the while wearing fabulous sweaters, scarves, and statement necklaces courtesy of LOFT. As the video description explains,

Statistically, only half the people who make resolutions keep them. That's why we invited Ashley Skidmore and Lyle Friedman, the hilarious duo behind the hit web series #HOTMESSMOVES, to show us reasons why maybe your best resolution for 2015 should be: stay exactly the same.

Check out my favorite short below and head over to LOFT's YouTube channel for the rest.

LOFT on YouTube

Bet you're feeling inspired to scrap that resolution's list and just keep on doing you in 2015, huh?