Take My Money, 'Higher & Higher"

I had a lot of high expectations for Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp,but finding my new summer jam was not on that list. Can you download "Higher and Higher" from Wet Hot American Summer ? While fans of the 2001 cult comedy recognize the song from the original film, in First Day of Camp on Netflix, the proto-punk power ballad is sung by Chris Pine's mysterious character Eric. The Netflix series features a surprising amount of original music (Electro-City on Broadway, anyone??) but come on — this song saved friendship! I wouldn't complain if we got a full soundtrack and score, but "Higher and Higher" is an absolute must. Update: A version of "Higher and Higher" from the Wet Hot American Summer movie is now available to purchase on iTunes, performed by composer Craig Wedren.

There is good news and bad news, camp people. Neither the 2001 Wet Hot American Summer soundtrack nor an album for the Netflix series are available to download and purchase. However, the movie's DVD includes full versions of a few songs, including the original version of "Higher and Higher" that was written and sung by composers Craig Wedren and Theodore Shapiro. In the film, it was used during Coop and Gene's training montage. The series took one of the greatest moments in the film and made it legendary. That explains why the cast so gleefully sang along during Chris Pine's performance, even though it makes sense for their characters to have caught on so quickly.

However, you can listen to a version on Craig Wedren's official Soundcloud page, along with other selections from the film that include a demo of "Champagne Eyes" from Episode 4. Check it out.

Unfortunately, that version doesn't include the lyrics. That's a shame, because I really think we should take a moment to appreciate the ridiculousness at play here.

Another night but my mind can't seem to sleep / The morning light puts the fight back into me / I'm wide awake but afraid to open my eyes...

Wait, I get that you're awake but what time of day is it? I really don't think this song is about friendship so much as being well-rested.

I clear my head, my own worst enemy

Why is this song motivating me? It's actually kind of depressing. This guy seems anxious, overly-critical, and sleepy. However, there's one lyric missing here, due to pesky dialogue between Blake and Andy. I'm convinced that that one line is the key to understanding this masterpiece.

The hand of fate is my own fist as it rises to the sky

Okay, now we're getting somewhere. I love a fist pump. This is getting less dark and more powerful. Next it the chorus.

Show me the fever / Into the fire / Taking it higher and higher / Nothing to fear / It's only desire / Taking you higher and higher!

Yes! It's just a bunch of imagery about hot things, fever definitely doesn't rhyme with fear, and it still has nothing to do with friendship, but let's dance! Hopefully, we'll get a soundtrack or an mp3 download soon. I need this song for runs, my ringtone, my alarm clock — the new way is the only way to be!

Images: Saeed Adyani/Netflix (2); Giphy