Does James From 'Big Brother 17' Have A Girlfriend? This Houseguest Is Ready To Marry Taylor Swift

There's no doubt Big Brother 17 is filled with a lot of young people (the oldest contestant is 33) who are single and ready to mingle. Just look at Clay and Shelli's showmance and Austin and Liz's relationship (however one-sided it may be). Love is in the air on the show, but what about off-screen? More specifically, does James from Big Brother 17 have a girlfriend?

There's no doubt that James loves women and isn't afraid to voice it. Remember that time he went on and on about how hot Vanessa's mom is? There were also all those times that he repeatedly commented on his fellow female houseguests and their appearances. Oh, and what about that time he proposed to Taylor Swift? While sometimes the attention he gives to the opposite sex is all in fun, there have been some times that he's objectified women with misogynistic comments. James, it's OK to embrace women, but they are not objects.

Back to the original question about James' relationship status, it doesn't look like he has a girlfriend in the real world. First, as I stated above, he has hit on pretty much every woman in the house. Second, he told the Big Brother Network that he wouldn't mind a showmance, but it would have to be kept on the down-low. That means, if James could steal a few kisses on the hammock or a few under the covers, he'd totally be down. As he told Zap2it about a potential showmance, "It might be a little sneak and peek up under the covers or something like that and then run back to my bed." If he's ready to commit to a BB showmance — and speak about it publicly — that's gotta mean he's single.

Plus, as I mentioned above, James is obsessed with T. Swift. Do you see that cardboard cutout he has of her? Clearly, he's saving himself for her, so I have a feeling he'll remain single until that day comes. A little bit of advice James: start talking the right way to and about women, then your dream of marrying Swift just might actually happen.

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Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS