What Is Lacy & Marcus' Net Worth? The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Stars Have Many Career Ventures

You watched them fall in love in paradise, you watched them get married on Bachelor in Paradise Season 2's premiere, and now you're 100 percent ready for Lacy and Marcus to disprove the Bachelor Nation track record wrong. Bachelor in Paradise couple Lacy and Marcus seem to have it all. They have each other — duh —, they have Chris Harrison blessing their marriage, and they have awesome jobs. So what is Marcus and Lacy's net worth? These two are doing just fine... and they're probably not solely relying on Bachelor Nation money.

I totally respect Lacy and Marcus for being normal people who just happened to be on the Bachelor franchise. Sure, they got the most out of it by padding their Bachelor Nation resume with Bachelor in Paradise, but they wouldn't have met each other if not for that. Outside of the Bachelor world, Lacy and Marcus lead a normal life. They both have jobs that bring home the bacon, and then a little something something on the side from their appearances on Bachelor in Paradise.

So how much money do each earn? And now that they're married (!!!!), what is their net worth as a couple?

Marcus' Career

Marcus has had a varied of jobs that really have no relation to each other. With that said, let's look at what Marcus might have earned through his many career ventures. The average cryotherapy job brings in an average $86,000 (according to Indeed.com). Marcus is currently pursuing a career as a Coast Guard. The average officer for the U.S. Coast Guard makes around $84,000 (according to Glassdoor). At 27, post-college career, Marcus has probably earned around $430,000.

Lacy's Career

Lacy is the CEO of an assisted living home called Silver Lining Manor. It's kind of difficult to tell how much she is earning for being the CEO of an elderly care facility, but it's a relatively normal job for someone who found her current husband on a three-week stint in Paradise. Lacy is also selling a perfume called "I Do" which is a fragrance inspired by her wedding day. It retails at $39.00 and it comes with a replica engagement ring.

So How Much Money Do They Have?

Who knows! The two didn't make any money for their time on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Believe it or not, Kirk DeWindt — a current Bachelor in Paradise contestant — says that he didn't make a single penny for being on The Bachelorette . According to him, it's more about the opportunities you are given post-show.

Reality Steve suggests that the stipend for Bachelor in Paradise is a little more enticing. "Anywhere from $7,000 to $15,000" for the short filming schedule is the salary Reality Steve reports for Bachelor in Paradise contestants. Let's be on the generous end and say both of them made $15,000 for their season of Bachelor in Paradise.

So, who knows exactly how much these two have, but they're definitely bringing in money.

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