12-Year-Old Girls Has An IQ Higher Than Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, And (Probably) You

Listen up, fellow nerds: this 12-year-old girl has an IQ higher than Einstein's. Nicole Barr is a student from Harlow, Essex and she recently scored a perfect 162 on an IQ test. This means she score two points higher than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking ever scored, and ICYMI, they're like the Genius Standard of the universe.

Nicole told the Western Daily Press that she was absolutely shocked when she got her score back, and that the perfect marks were entirely unexpected. But her parents and teachers were less surprised. Her mother, Dolly Buckland, said, “She’s a hard working child. She stays after school for homework club and never misses a day,” in an article put out by the Hindustan Times.

“Nicole’s IQ puts her comfortably within the top 1% of the population,” said Mensa spokesman Ann Clarkson.

Mensa has 120,000 members worldwide, and in order to become a member, you have to score in the top 2 percent on a standard intelligence test. Nicole clears that line with room to spare. She is the ~talk of the town~ within her community, and while we're not sure what Nicole's going to do with her status, we have several hundred suggestions. She could, for example, become a spy, join NASA, or just become a YouTuber and have her IQ be her hook. It's possible.

Here's the lovely prodigy:

I'm banking on her becoming a spy.

I'm envisioning some sort of Spy Kids scenario.

If she's in NASA, it'll play out more like this:

Which could be a step up from Spy Kids, to be honest. Well, no matter what you do, congratulations, Nicole! I hope Mensa serves good snacks.

Images: Pexels; Giphy(2)