Girl Thanks Firefighters Who Saved Her Home With Sweet Note & 5 Other Adorable Thank Yous From Kids

Watching your neighborhood go up in flames is a pretty traumatic sight for anyone to see, let alone a 5-year-old. But that's exactly what little Kali Nunes witnessed on July 16 as a fiery blaze came within just 300 yards of her house. Once the flames were finally out, Kali was so in awe that the little girl wrote 10 thank you notes to the firefighters who saved her home by responding that day — 10 letters so sweet, they earned her a private tour of the firehouse and a ride on the fire truck. (Score!)

"It's a heroic job and she wants to thank them for doing it," explained Kali's mom, Kelsey Radant, of Samoa, California. Speaking with ABC News, Radant added that Kali has been pretty impressed with firefighting for a while now. In fact, it's kind of her dream job. "She has a very keen sense of sirens, so we jumped in the car to see where the fire was because it was so close to the house," Radant said. "It was just amazing to her. She was enamored by the whole thing. Once they were informed that it was was under control, a female CDF [California Department of Fire] said there was no immediate evacuation necessary."

Once she got home, the little girl — and future firewoman — knew exactly what needed to be done. "The first thing she [Kali] said was 'Mom, I need to thank the firefighters. I need to write them a letter and thank them for saving our house.' Since she was three years old she's wanted to be a firefighter."

So little Kali sat down, put pen to paper, and cranked out an adorable little missive that read:

Dear firefighters, Thank you for saving our house. My name is Kali. I am 5 and can’t wait to be a firefighters when I grow up. I love you firefighters. Thank you. Love Kali.

Needless to say, when someone from the firehouse reached out to the girl's parents and asked if she'd like to come by for an afternoon, the little girl was all sorts of stoked. "We've been to the firehouse and we've gone on tours before, but this was personal for her," said Radant. "I am astounded. I am so proud of her because she's only five and wants to thank them for their job."

Soon, Kali found herself in full-on firefighter garb — from helmet to fire boots.

She even learned how to use the fire hose...

And drive the fire truck!

Oh, yea; that was one seriously cool day.

But Kali's not the only kid who's super thankful these days. Check out these other sweeter-than-sweet notes from kids — to firefighters, teachers, cops, and more.

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Oh, man. Does it get much sweeter? (Answer: No; no it doesn't.)

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