17 'Pretty Little Liars' Kisses Ranked, Because We Can't Help But Love The Liars' Love Lives

Pretty Little Liars fans may watch the show to find out just who the heck A is, but it's not just the mystery that keeps us coming back week after week: it's also the love stories. There may be plenty of murder and mayhem in Rosewood, but that doesn't mean that love isn't in perpetually in the air — or that people aren't getting some serious lip action on. It's relatively amazing that anyone in Rosewood has the time to get their kissing on (what with all the above mentioned chaos occurring) but boy are fans glad that they do. After all, what's Pretty Little Liars without a touch of epic romance, right?

Whether you're a hardcore Emison shipper or swoon every single time you see Hanna and Caleb lock eyes let alone lips, there are plenty of amazing romantic moments on this show. Fans may freak out over the latest A suspect or jaw-dropping reveal, but you better believe that Twitter blows up every time a little Spoby action starts happening onscreen. It's hard to remember that there's a black hoodie wearing mad man out for the girls when they're locked in an intense make out sesh with their bed buddies.

In honor of these amazing moments, I have ranked the top 17 best kisses that Pretty Little Liars has to offer — and there's plenty more where these came from.

17. Ashley And Jason's Bad Idea Kiss

Pretty Little Liars on YouTube

I know, I know — this caused way too many problems. But also, like, go get it, Ms. Marin!

16. Travis And Hanna's Wedding Kiss

LaurenOUAT on YouTube

I know, I know — Travis is so not Caleb. But in a world where Caleb did not exist, this kiss would rank so much higher.

15. Maya And Emily's Secret Kiss

Photo booth kisses are adorable, even if it's a bit of a bummer that Emily and Maya felt the need to keep their budding romance a secret. Then again, aren't secret romances super hot? Hmm...

14. The Kiss Spencer Was Not Expecting

BonesBoothFan1 on YouTube

This kiss is from the episode in Season 1 in which Pretty Little Liars fans finally realized that Toby was a super viable love interest for our beloved Spence. Even cuter Spoby kisses would follow.

13. The Kiss That Gave Emison Shippers Everywhere A Heart Attack

LAKIproductions on YouTube

Welp, that's one way to end a sleepover. Despite this hot and heavy make out sesh, the romance between Ali and Emily was always a little lopsided.

12. The Kiss In Which Spencer Gets Royally Smashed With Wren

Yes, Wren could very well be Charles, but he's also a hot doctor with an amazing accent. (Assuming that's real, of course.)

11. The Kiss That Made Haleb A Thing

Carmen Tucci on YouTube

It's so weird to see Hanna behaving even slightly awkwardly in front of Caleb, but it's just as hard not squeal with delight over the start of something so beautiful.

10. The Kiss In Which Haleb Is Wearing Matching Outfits

Freeform on YouTube

A reunited Haleb is the best kind of Haleb.

9. Ezria's Steamy Office Kiss

PrettyLittleLiars215 on YouTube

If you thought Aria and Ezra's entire relationship involved reading sonnets to each other and eating pie, you would be wrong. (Disclaimer: making out with your teacher is still a terrible idea.)

8. Paily's Noir Kiss

Freeform on YouTube

Why is Spencer having a dream in which Paige and Emily are making out in black and white? No idea, but this kiss is epic.

7. Spoby's Carnival Kiss

Cass O'Brien on YouTube

There's something so beautiful about Spencer running after Toby and kissing him, even if her mom and sister are totally able to see it happen.

6. Ezria's First Kiss

Great scene, even if it's a tad gross in retrospect — Ezra totally knew Aria was 16!

5. The Post-Kidnapping Haleb Kiss

Caleb proves once and for all that A can't stand in the way of his love for Hanna. Swoon.

4. Paily's Pool Kiss

MsHannahTyson on YouTube

What is it about pools that make them so romantic? No idea, but this nighttime pool kiss is everything for Paily shippers.

3. Spoby's A-Team Kiss

Pretty Little Liars on YouTube

Makeup makeouts are the best, obviously.

2. Ezria's Rain Kiss

ingghri on YouTube

You can thank Nicholas Sparks for this.

1. The "Caleb Has A Very Good Reason For This" Kiss

Haleb is back, baby!

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