Jamie Chung Gave Us The Details On Her NFL Apparel Campaign, Plus Tips On How To Show Your Love Of Sports Stylishly

If you're a huge football lover, then you're probably counting down the days until September. If you're also a huge fashionista, you'll likely plan on wearing your favorite jersey this fall, too. Just know you definitely won't be alone: Jamie Chung gave us the details on her NFL apparel campaign, along with tips on how to rep her football love for fall.

As a San Francisco native, Chung is naturally a huge Niners fan and since I was born and raised in the Bay, we definitely bonded about our love for our 49ers. But football talk aside, Chung also shared great advice on how to wear some of the season's most difficult trends, along with what her favorite everyday makeup look is. She even told me about her wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses she is designing. Because who says a football-obsessed girl can't love a bold lip and be a fashion designer? Not this woman!

From running her blog, What The Chung, to landing the Havaianas campaign, this 32-year-old actress has a goldmine of knowledge when it comes to all things fashion and beauty. Personally, I absolutely love how versatile her style is. Chung could be embracing natural looks with minimal makeup at one event, while at others, she's enjoying a dramatic lip and smoky eye. Just that fact alone made her the perfect candidate for Make Up For Ever's "Be Bold. Be Unexpected. Be You" campaign alongside Andreja Pejic. Now, this busy San Francisco native is welcoming fall trends with open arms as she helped designed stylish pieces for this year's NFL apparel campaign.

Here's what Jamie Chung had to say about football, fall fashion, and beauty.

Q: I know you were born and raised in San Francisco, does that mean you're a huge 49ers fan when it comes to football?

A: Abso-freakin-lutely. Niners all the way!

Q: For the NFL Apparel campaign, how did you merge your personal style with football?

A: Well, you know fall is all about layering — so coats, boyfriend jeans, boots. I feel like the new apparel line that’s coming out, there are really cute tops that could be easily integrated into anyone’s everyday wardrobe. But I think the easiest way would be wearing a top and a cap. I mean, it really depends on your team colors...like red, gold and white — I mean, then again, I’m totally biased because I think we [the San Francisco 49ers] have the best colors. *laughs*

Q: What's your favorite piece from the NFL Apparel campaign?

A: I think it has to be one of the jerseys that looks like one of the old school jerseys from the ‘90s. It’s a football jersey that has two red stripes on the sleeves, it’s a bit oversized, says “San Francisco 49ers." The majority of it is white, the lettering is red, and it’s probably my favorite because it’s not like a tight-fitted top — I like things a little bit loose, but it does have a little fit to it so it’s really able to suit any shape or size. I personally like oversized fits.

Q: Sporty trends aside, what's your current favorite fashion trend right now?

A: Currently, I would say fringe heels. I have a pair of these red fringe Aquazzura heels, and they’re red, and again it would go with everything from the campaign.

Q: What advice do you have for someone who is too shy or insecure to try out the bolder, more fashion-forward trends from today, like jumpsuits or wearing a bold and bright lip?

A: Well, I definitely understand! When I thought of the crop top for myself, I thought ugh, I hate showing that part of my body. I feel like everyone should really find something that compliments you. I think the easiest way to go about this is deciding on which part [of your body] you’d be willing to highlight. Like if you love your legs, a jumper would be a great way to go in order to accentuate the length of your legs. But like, go in strides. You don’t have to go for the bold trends right away, but if you do, you should go with something that’s extremely versatile. So if you’re gonna go for a jumper, maybe look for one in black or blue, or you can layer it with a sweater if you feel uncomfortable.

It’s all about making baby steps. But I would strongly encourage people to get out of their comfort zones because I mean, why not? That should be fun and most importantly, it should make you feel confident. So if you’re not feeling a trend — like crop tops, skip it. Who cares!

Q: What’s your favorite everyday makeup look?

A: I would say au naturel. I’m big on eyebrows and lashes and a bold lip. Just clean skin, a little bit of eyebrows, because I barely have any, and a bold lip.

Q: I know you're gearing up for your wedding — can you give your fans a taste of what we can expect to see you wearing on your big day?

A: Well, I'm definitely wearing Monique Lhuillier. I picked the dress about a little over a couple months ago. Now, and I’m designing all the bridesmaid dresses with a friend. So I think everything is very personalized and they certainly have all the elements I was hoping for. I’m not like a big wedding gal — like some people have been dreaming about their wedding since they were five [years old], but this is all so new to me.

But it’s been quite easy for me to pick what I love — like I gave my bridesmaids the option of picking a particular cut. Because, again, there are some people who are confident with their shoulders and some who love their legs, you know? Everyone’s different and their confidence all depends on what they’re wearing for that special day. So I gave them a choice to pick from four different silhouettes and it’s been a really fun process. Like this part is fun, but when it comes to...I don’t know, like the food or the flowering, I have no idea what I’m doing! Thank God I have a great wedding planner.

Q: What's one beauty-related item you can always find in Jamie Chung's purse?

A: I would say a little thing of SPF, lip gloss, and currently I have some eyelash glue...which is so random, but it’s because when the [eyelash] strip is about to peel off, I just re-glue it back on in the bathroom. And lastly, again, a bold lip, which I feel is my go-to. And actually, bold lips are really versatile, especially a red or a bright pink. You can always dab a little on your finger and accentuate your cheekbones — sorta like a liquid blush. So it’s really versatile. It gives you a little color everywhere.

Even if you aren't a 49ers fan like Chung and me, there's still something for you. Check out the other celebrity collaborations for the different pieces of NFL gear at NFLShop.com.

Images: Courtesy of Grey Group