Lizzie Is Not Pregnant On 'Real Housewives Of Orange County,' So She Could Finally "Whoop It Up"

The fun bus arrived late, but at least it showed up. Lizzie Rovsek on Real Housewives of Orange County , had a bit of a late start on the girls' trip when she thought she was pregnant the first few days of the vacation. Lizzie, who is considered a supporting character on this season of RHOC, is not one to cause drama usually, but her status of being pregnant or not definitely put a — dare I say — pregnant pause on the beginning of the trip.

On the first episode of the vacation the women went on, Lizzie shared that she wasn't drinking because she "felt pregnant." There wasn't much more elaboration than that, but I figure she's been pregnant before, so she probably knows what she's talking about. With Lizzie out of the drinking game, Vicki took it upon herself to order a pregnancy test for Lizzie to find out if she was pregnant or not. Vicki says it was so Lizzie could "whoop it up" with the rest of the women.

It's worth noting that Lizzie seemed thankful that Vicki had gone ahead and asked for the pregnancy tests. Lizzie says it was because she can figure out once and for all if she is with child, but I think it's because no one wants to be with these women sober. Just an idea.

So with pregnancy tests — yes plural, you could never be too sure with that 99.9 percent — in hand, Lizzie took to the bathroom as the rest of the housewives anxiously awaited to see if there was a plus one on the trip. As it turns out, Lizzie is not pregnant — she got two negative tests. Lizzie says "I'm actually feeling very revealed about not being pregnant," and Vicki seemed ecstatic that another woman would be "whooping it up" with her.

I shared the same sentiment as Heather, who said she didn't understand why Lizzie waited until she was on vacation to figure out if she's pregnant or not. But hey, to each her own. I'm just glad Lizzie can "whoop it up" and not be stone cold sober when stuck on an itty-bitty island with the women of Orange County.