This 'Catfish' Pair Breaks The Relationship Record

Can you imagine spending almost half of your life in an online relationship? Even if that idea stumps you, you won't have to imagine it, because new Catfish couple Andria and David lived it, and their story will be revealed in this week's episode. Their relationship has been going on for so long that it predates the concept of Catfishing! But thankfully for Andria, she does realize that this relationship is not what it seemed. She's not operating under the assumption that this is real — she wants answers, because the things that David has been saying simply don't add up, and he's made too many promises about starting a life together for her to simply drop the relationship.

Andria chose not to attend college and moved to a new state because of plans that she made with David over the past 10 years. I have sympathy for her, because David has clearly manipulated her and came up with some elaborate lies. According to a preview clip released by MTV, David claimed to Andria he was pulled over on his way to meet her and was placed under house arrest for possession. Add that flimsy excuse to David's lack of Skype and the fact that he can only talk on the phone occasionally? Girl, run.

There's also the possibility that Andria has actually been in this 10-year relationship with a woman. And even though she's not sure that's the case, it's not because she's in denial. It's because she suspects that "David" is probably a third person, hoping to deflect all of the blame onto a girl in photos that he sent to Andria rather than admitting the truth. Of course, the simpler explanation is probably that David really is that mystery girl, and the deception will turn out to involve Andria's close friend (that's what usually happens when a witness is involved in a Catfish reveal).

Right now, Andria has a Facebook page, but she has limited friends and the page is pretty private. It looks like she may have maintained a very slight social media presence, in a contrast from the usual Catfish-ee. But since Andria was Catfished starting at 12 years old, this Catfish episode really proves that you don't need to be constantly on Instagram or making dozens of anonymous Facebook friends to be tricked by someone online. A 10-year relationship might be a record for Catfish, but it proves that people have been Catfishing far longer than Nev has been busting them. Hopefully, Andria will get some closure when David is revealed.

Image: MTV