Make Sure To Catch Jon Stewart's Last 'Daily Show'

It's the end of an era. Jon Stewart's final episode of The Daily Show airs on Thursday night and it's seriously a can't-miss occasion. Luckily, you can stream the final episode of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart plenty of different ways. If you can wait until the next day after the episode airs, you'll be able to stream the 50-minute farewell-fest on Hulu, Comedy Central's website, and the Comedy Central app. If you can't wait, you could always try to watch it live with your mom's cousin's ex-boyfriend's cable provider's online password on the Comedy Central app. I won't judge how you watch the final episode, as long as you find a way to stream and watch it.

Stewart took over The Daily Show in January 1999, when former host Craig Kilborn departed to take over CBS' The Late Late Show. During the next 17 years, Stewart would establish himself as a necessary and powerful satirical voice in the media landscape — and he would be extremely hilarious to boot. Alas, the comedian is leaving us all without his wit just as the (potential) craziness of the 2016 Presidential Election starts heating up. But we shall move on, just like Comedy Central will — comedian Trevor Noah will take over The Daily Show on Sept. 28.

Here are several reasons why you absolutely must watch and relish Stewart's final episode of The Daily Show.

There Will Probably Be Surprise Guests

Not even the Comedy Central press website lists the guests for Aug. 6's finale. Stewart's final guests could literally be anyone: President Barrack Obama? VP Joe Biden? Hillary Clinton? Controversial presidential candidate Donald Trump? The possibilities are endless.

Stewart's Finale Is 50 Minutes

That's right — his final The Daily Show will be an extended episode, giving us more time to cherish him.

This Will Be His Last Official Commentary On The 2016 Election

It makes me so sad that Stewart won't be around on The Daily Show to break down and crack us all up about the craziness that's sure to occur during the 2016 Presidential Election. That means the final episode will contain the last official commentary we'll hear from Stewart on Trump, the Clintons, and so many other politicians. Sadface.

Stephen Colbert & Other Former Correspondents Could Return

The Daily Show launched the careers of Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell, Samantha Bee, and Mo Rocca — all of whom were correspondents on the show at one point or another. Surely, they must make a final appearance on the show that introduced them to viewers, right?

What's The Final Moment Of Zen?

I've always loved Stewart's closing bit, his "Moment of Zen," which features an absurd moment from the day's news. Now that he's departing the show, he needs to have one totally insane "Moment of Zen" saved up — and I can't wait to see what it is.

Stewart Did More Than Make Us Laugh At The News

The comedian became more than just a funny man behind that desk. Stewart became a teacher, a pundit, and an actual journalist. In 2008, the New York Times seriously asked, "Is Jon Stewart the Most Trusted Man in America?" Rolling Stone even called Stewart "The Last Honest Newsman" in a headline.

The Daily Beast's Dean Obeidallah wrote about how Stewart truly had an impact on issues as a host and unintentional pundit (even thought the comedian didn't think he had any influence). "I hope there comes a day when Stewart realizes that he did more than make us laugh," Obeidallah wrote. "He truly made a difference."

Images: Martin Crook/Comedy Central; Giphy (6)