7 Gwen Stefani Songs To Get Her Through Her Divorce From Gavin Rossdale, Because She Knows All About Heartbreak

As we've all come to realize, especially in the last year, love is dead in Hollywood. The lead singer of No Doubt is the latest to feel the sting of this principle in action. That's right: Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are getting a divorce after 13 beautiful years of marriage, and this is a blow that comes as hard to fans as when Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter decided to go their separate ways. (OK, no, I lied, nothing was worse than that. I'm still not OK.) Stefani has been in the music game for years, both as a solo artist and as a member of No Doubt, and there's nothing that goes better with a break up than some good music. For that reason there are some Gwen Stefani songs to help with her divorce that she should have on repeat right now.

From the initial heartbreak — because every split, no matter how amicable, is at least a little heartbreaking — to the moment she's ready to move on, there is a Stefani or No Doubt song for that state of mind. The band, and the woman herself, have sung about everything from breakups to clubbing to sex to love to, heck, robbing people. Below are the seven best songs for Stefani to listen to during this rough time, when having our condolences and well-wishes aren't enough.

1. "Don't Speak"

NoDoubtVEVO on YouTube

If you didn't see this one coming, then you must not have ever listened to No Doubt before. "Don't Speak" is pretty much the quintessential break up song, and it should be first on Stefani's list, even if they're way past the point of ignoring the problem until it goes away.

2. "Breakin' Up"

HazukiNekogami on YouTube

Using a cell phone connection as a metaphor for a busted relationship? Classic.

3. "Sad For Me"

LaraCroftCrazy1 on YouTube

This No Doubt song is less about a break up and more about letting a friend go so that they can live their life and achieve their dreams, but I think it still qualifies for this kind of situation.

4. "Undone"

Smusiccovers on YouTube

"I made you feel like you were lucky to have me, but now I'm panicking, I'm lost, you're the one I need." Ouch, my heart.

5. "Ex-Girlfriend"

NoDoubtVEVO on YouTube

Yeah, yeah, yeah, they were married, but the chorus of this song is so self-reflective that I feel like it still works. Crashing headlong into love despite your reservations that it could end is something all of us have experience at least once in our lives.

6. "End It On This"

MrBeardFarmer on YouTube

This is the most self-reflective song of them all, and it tugs at the heartstrings when you apply it to Stefani and Rossdale's relationship. I hope that, as in the song, they ended their relationship on a good note, because it's all history now.

7. "Cool"

GwenStefaniVEVO on YouTube

Much like "Don't Speak," this is a quintessential song for any break up playlist, because it represents that exact moment when the pain ceases to be pain, and both of you have moved on into friendship. And that's pretty much all I want for Stefani at this point.