Kristen Stewart Covers 'ELLE UK' With A Perfect Pout And Messy Hair, Which Is Her Thing

Tough, pouty, imperfect, and pretty much fabulous — that's Kristen Stewart's enviable style in a nutshell. It's also Kristen Stewart's look on ELLE UK's September 2015 cover. The cover has a bit of a '70s vibe, thanks to the K. Stew's unexpected, colorful, and loose ensemble.

But her signature scowl (and I mean that term lovingly) and her messy hair add an element of toughness to an otherwise glam and slightly mature outfit. Stewart often has so-called "resting bitch face," but she doesn't deserve to be criticized for that. It is my firm belief that you can't smile all of the time, and there is nada wrong with that.

The hair and makeup are typical of the Twilight actress and former Robert Pattinson paramour.

Stewart has been rocking an asymmetrical bob for a while now; it's more roughed up and more slept in than ever on this cover. That's precisely why I love it.

K. Stew's sooty, smudgy eye makeup and dark nails are also "her thing" and they keep her edge sharper than ever.

But her outfit?

That is totally not K. Stew! I like that she is trying something different. The hot pink top, with its feminine and flowing sleeves, and the crimson pants look very disco and polyester, but in the right way.

It's like she raided her mother's closet, pulling out pieces that were buried in the back and that haven't seen the light of day and haven't been worn on an actual body in decades.

The contrast is striking. While the outfit is a bit mature, Stewart handles herself well. The pose, with her hand at her neck, is what makes it for me.


Don't you love classic K. Stew? Delightfully rumpled and sans a smile. You may call it "RBF." I call it "not always smiling."


Here's another case of her outfit being fluffy and feminine, but the rest of the presentation having a general toughness. I love how she pairs the opposite elements and vibes. That's called a signature, peeps!

She does venture to the left and right, though. Like that time she rocked a velvet pantsuit and messy hair recently. But it was still very K. Stew-ian.

Stewart remains one of her generation's most unique style stars. Her street style is as grubby as it is as fab. So is her red carpet vibe.

Images: Getty (2); ELLE UK (1)