The Best Anna Kendrick Clips For Any Mood

by Kelsie Gibson

We all know her best from her role in Pitch Perfect, but Anna Kendrick has been singing long before her song, "Cups." Aside from starring in a few movie musicals over the past few years, Kendrick has even performed on a real life Broadway stage. So it is no wonder that the world is so completely obsessed with her. Not only is she super funny and down to earth, but she is obviously very talented at what she does. Aside from singing on her movie soundtracks, the girl has been known to break out into song during some of interviews, and I have rounded up some of Kendrick's best singing clips for your musical enjoyment.

Everyone knows that a good song can really help in changing your mood. When you are feeling down, you put on a good song to cry to, and, when you are happy, you put on an upbeat tune to dance to. Even though Kendrick does not have her own album for us to listen to (sadly), we do have the magic of YouTube to get us through those mood swings.

So, for your listening pleasure, check out the best Anna Kendrick clips to get you through any mood.

When It's Only August, But You Just Really Love Christmas

I don't care what people say, Christmas music is always a good thing, no matter the season. And, with Kendrick's voice, who can deny that Christmas cheer?

When You're On A Capella Overdrive After Re-Watching Pitch Perfect... Again

Girl can hit those notes. And what about The Filharmonic's accompaniment? Seriously, can't wait for Pitch Perfect 3.

When You're Graduating/Moving/Saying Goodbye to Family and Friends

The feels. Not only does this clip feature the musical queen that is Kristin Chenoweth, but Kendrick looks and sings like a flawless princess. Who else thinks she would be perfect as Glinda in the movie production of Wicked?

When You Get Dressed Up and You're Feeling Super Fancy

Whether you're going out for a nice dinner, or going to see a show, this is the perfect tune to dance around your room in. Because nothing says fancy more than Kendrick singing a Broadway hit with a bunch of backup dancers.

When It Is Cheat Day and You Ordered a Large Pizza For Yourself

Cheers to the freaking weekend! Let the haters say what they want, but we all know Kendrick was actually singing about junk food here.

When You Need Dance Inspiration Before Going Out With Your Friends

OK, so maybe this is a cheat because Anna isn't really singing here, but who can deny those impeccable dance moves?

When You're At a Party and There Are Red Solo Cups Everywhere

I mean, it's only right, because who doesn't love a good rendition of "Cups" at their backyard get together? Make Kendrick proud with your hand-eye coordination skills.

And, if that wasn't enough for you, check out some more clips of her singing below.