Amy & J. Law Are The New Aziz & Kanye

by Daniela Cabrera

By now, you probably already know that Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence rode jet skis together and quickly became best friend goals for many fans across the Internet. It kind of looked like the most amazing vacation ever and I can only imagine the kind of laughs that would happen with these two over a ladies wine night. Naturally, when Schumer posted those blurry photos of her and Lawrence (#maniac) the Internet demanded to know how these two ladies knew each other, and Schumer just shared with Jon Stewart the details of this epic hang. She shared on the Daily Show,

So we go to the Hamptons, and Jennifer and I have become friends. I was like, 'Oh, we're going on a boat tour tomorrow. You should come.' It was kind of a hypothetical...And she was like, 'I think I'm coming!' I was like, 'Oh, my God!' So I filmed a video actually of my friends telling them that Jennifer Lawrence is going to be there. They're like nurses and teachers, and I'm like, 'Jennifer Lawrence is coming on a boat with us tomorrow.'

OK, so is that not one of best stories? How can I sign up to be Schumer's friend? So her hilarious recounting of their hangs and anecdote about how J-Law told her she could drive the jetski because she WAS Hunger Games reminded me of another comedian-celebrity pairing that is just as random and epic: Aziz Ansari and Kanye West. When I started thinking about Kanye and Aziz, I thought it'd be fun to come up with the ways that these two are just like Schumer and J. Law and they should all just start hanging out together.

They All Support Each Other

Just like all good friends should. Ansari has shared that West would often support him at his stand-up shows, which is one of the places they first met.

They Make Jokes About Their Non-Comedian Friend

But they're honestly just really amazing stories about how awesome their relationships are. Schumer shared to Jon Stewart about the photos of their vacation, "It was a complete viral thing. It's my picture next to Jennifer Lawrence's — like the last person you want to be next to... I look like her coach in all the pictures... I look like I'm telling her to take a knee, like, 'Listen, Jen!'"

They Do (And Should) Star In Eachothers' Projects

Ansari famously made cameos in West's videos for "Otis" and "Cruel Summer," and IMO, Lawrence should've been on Inside Amy Schumer like, yesterday. It'll happen in due time though, right?

They Have Met The Family

Well, Kanye West and Ansari's parents both came to support their boy at his show at Carnegie Hall in NYC and like any good friend, Kanye met the parents. Lawrence might not have met Schumer's parents, but hanging out with a new friend's old high school crew is a true test and I think she passed it.

They Are Actually All Hilarious In Their Own Ways

Sure, West and Lawrence aren't comedians, per se, but they are just naturally funny people. I suggest you just take a gander over at West's Twitter and you will see the gifts he has given us. J. Law is known as the funny woman on the red carpet and definitely does not mind making jokes about herself.

So, party at my house, guys?

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