Will Liam Kill Cyrus In 'The Royals' Season 2? He's Looking For Revenge At Any Cost

Sadly, we've got a while to go until The Royals Season 2 returns. But, filming is already well under way across the pond, and it feels like new tidbits are getting leaked from set every day. The biggest reveal so far is the release of The Royals Season 2 trailer, which delivered on everything we loved about Season 1, dialed up to an 11. Knowing that the drama comes with keeping the family together, it seems it's starting the season off with Liam and Eleanor back at the palace, dressed to the nines. Where there's Eleanor there's Jasper, of course, who is looking hot (and jealous). We've also got Helena being sassy, a new King on the throne, and — if you'll theorize with me a bit on this one, a possible murder plot. That's right, I think that, convinced Cyrus killed his father, Prince Liam will murder his uncle and take over the throne.

There are a lot of theories regarding The Royals Season 2 floating around right now, and I would like to add mine to the pre-season speculation as well. A little dramatic? Well, sure. But, this is The Royals and basically anything is possible here. Plus, the new trailer (kind of, sort of) backs it up. Let's walk through it.

Everyone's Back

The trailer dives right in to a behind the scenes look that is very clear that the family is nowhere near one big happy. But, they are under one roof.

There's Shade All Around

Everyone's got attitude, but Cyrus looks like the most smug person alive.

There Is A Coronation

Probably because Cyrus has just weaseled his way to the top of the monarchy. By killing the King? Maybe. It sure looks that way, and I'm willing to bet that Liam puts together the clues and decides to take revenge.

There's Sibling Support

Since these two are closer then ever, he would obviously tell his sister what's up. And, you do not mess with Eleanor, ever. I bet they band together and hatch a plan to kill Cyrus so that Liam can rule. (He'll figure out a way around that paternity thing; they didn't even test the blood!)

Something Big Goes Down

We can clearly see Helena stumble upon a body in the trailer. At least, I think it's a dead body, and it very well could be Cyrus. A murder most foul (bet you didn't think a Royals conspiracy theory post would have so much Shakespeare in it) at the hands of Liam and Eleanor. Or maybe Jasper does the deed to keep Eleanor and Liam out of trouble. Either way, I'm not seeing Cyrus survive.

Liam Gets His Revenge

With Cyrus dead, Liam and Eleanor could run the country. Or, go to jail — but probably not. Either way, a murder plot of that magnitude would be awesome for this season. Check out the trailer below, and try to tell me you don't agree.

Images: E!; queenhelenas/Tumblr (6)