How Long Will Cyrus Be King On 'The Royals'? The Season 2 Trailer Hints At His Ultimate Fate

With only a couple months to go until its return, the Season 2 trailer of The Royals was a delightful summer treat of insight into the show's next installment. Since a lot of the cast from Season 1 isn't returning, the main focus will be on Eleanor, Liam, Jasper, Helena, and Cyrus — which is really just fine by me since four out of five of those characters are usually causing the most intriguing drama anyway. (Sorry, Liam — I still love you.) And, with the manipulative Helena and Cyrus successfully joining forces at the end of Season 1 to ensure that Cyrus would be king, it looks like the show will be giving fans a world where creepy Uncle Cyrus is actually the King of England. But, for how long will Cyrus be King on The Royals?

To recap, since King Simon died in Season 1 and Queen Helena potentially lied about the paternity of her two surviving children (twins Eleanor and Liam), Simon's brother Cyrus became the next in line to take over the throne. While it's still not clear if Eleanor and Liam are actually the biological children of Simon (they have to be, right?), paternity doesn't really matter in the eyes of Liam since the Season 2 trailer shows he is seeking revenge for Simon's death no matter what. Liam used to be the more levelheaded of the royal family members, but my boy will be stepping up his game in Season 2. And if The Royals continues on its path of emulating Hamlet , this could mean that Liam is really going to lose his mind in Season 2 like Shakespeare's Danish prince.

I imagine that the ruse of the fake paternity test will have to be revealed in Season 2, which means that Cyrus' claim on the throne will be shaky at best until the true parentage of Liam and Eleanor is revealed. If Liam and Eleanor do indeed end up being Simon's children, then Liam will be King of England. While the Season 2 trailer does not make it seem like he's remotely emotionally ready for that task, he'd still have to be a more moral ruler than Cyrus, so the sooner Liam takes over, the better.

But, this is the The Royals, so I know the show will want to milk Cyrus' reign for all its worth. The Season 2 trailer didn't really indicate that Liam would be stepping up to take over as King, so if any truth about his paternity does come out, it may not be until the latter half of the season. That way, Cyrus can be as villainous as ever with his extra power and also suffer from the scandal of impregnating former royal maid Prudence.

Although the Season 2 trailer doesn't answer a lot of questions, there is still enough drama on display to get me pumped for Season 2. And, even if I know the real world would be a better place without Cyrus as the King of England, I can't wait to see what he does with all of the power on the fictitious show.

Images: E!; queenhelenas/Tumblr (2)