Dog Thinks He's A Dolphin And Tries To Live In The Ocean, But This Dolphin Squad Is Not Here For It — VIDEO

I know we already have several sequels to The Little Mermaid, and Imma let them finish, but this video of a dog trying to swim with dolphins is the cinematic masterpiece we've all been waiting for. Louis the dog hails from Australia, and last week he boldly attempted to reverse Little Mermaid himself by abandoning his humans and joining a dolphin squad. The only problem? Those dolphins were not here for it. I can feel the shade that their little flipper tails left behind from 9,000 miles away. As soon as Louis hits the water, the head of the dolphins was all "YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US" (or something like that, I don't speak dolphin), and they all Mean Girls'd their way back into the depths of the ocean.

Look, Louis. Don't feel bad. We've all been there. I've been trying to sneak my way into Taylor Swift's squad for years, and much like those dolphins, they just swim off into the depths of the Hudson every time. You may want to be ~part of that world~, but that world doesn't wanna be part of you. And thanks to the internet, we can all relive Louis the dog's awkward sauce from the comfort of our own homes. Behold:

Louis, Boldly Going Where Some Dogs Have Probably Gone Before


He's so done with his owners. Didn't even say goodbye.

Louis, Giving You Middle School Flashbacks With His Rejection


Time to go eat lunch in the band room again, eh, Louis?

Here's the full video of poor Louis's attempt to be a merdog:

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