8 Maddie Ziegler Tweets That Reveal 'Dance Moms' Isn't The Only Thing On Her Mind

Despite her huge success, Maddie Ziegler has, what Cher Horowitz would call, a way normal life for a [pre]teenage girl — just take a look at Maddie Ziegler's Twitter! Sure, her cover photo is more fabulous than yours, just a pic with Sia at the Grammy’s, NBD. And OK, she’s a model, insanely talented dancer, brand ambassador, burgeoning actress, star of reality hit Dance Moms, and, you know, just plain cool. But, if you look past the wunderkind’s tweets sharing media shout-outs and posts where she is hanging out with celebrities like Taylor Swift, you see that Maddie Ziegler's tweets reveal her normal life isn't all Dance Moms all the time. In fact, the 12-year-old dancer isn’t that different from any other tween. Really!

Her bio reads like most pre-teens, well except for the reality TV mention. Maddie talks about loving friends, family, and dance, calling out her dance school with hashtag #aldcdanceralwaysandforever! Plus her emoji game is on point. On her account, Maddie cheers on her friends, shares life events, and posts fun pictures, just like any kid... but to an audience 830,000 followers.

With her tween-tastic tweets in mind, here are all of the times we learned about Maddie’s real, 12-year-old life on Twitter.

1. She’s Got An Epic Girl Squad


2. She Loves Her Mom

Honestly, most 12-year-olds may not tweet this, because moms seem so embarrassing when you're that age.

3. She's Into Inspirational Quotes

Quotes that are perfect for a junior high Pinterest board.

4. She Loves A Good #TBT

Just, you know, with Jimmy Fallon.

5. She's Obsessed With Pretty Little Liars

#CreepyDancer aside, this girl loves #PLL!

6. She Tweets Her Friends


7. She Goes On Preteen-Approved Vacations

Because if swinging on the beach for Memorial Day isn't a nostalgiac childhood moment, I don't know what is.

8. She Supports Her Mentors

This Maddie Ziegler tweet = bringing the teacher an apple. See? She's just like us!