Becky & Steve Feud Timeline From 'Big Brother 17' Shows How They Went From Friends To Enemies

All the attention has been on Clay and Shelli versus whoever they're battling at the moment, but we seem to be neglecting a certain Big Brother feud that has been building over the course of the entire season. Of course I'm speaking of the Big Brother feud of Becky and Steve. These two floaters have been threatening each other for a few weeks now — it's actually kind of comical, because no one else is targeting them — and I don't think anyone is 100 percent sure why they are going after each other. So why not explore this feud a little big more with an extensive timeline of Becky and Steve's relationship in the house. Perhaps we can find the source of the issue.

If you don't watch the feeds, then you might not realize just how much Steve dislikes Becky. Actually, you might, since Steve went crazy about laughing in Becky's misery when she lost the Veto competition during Jason's eviction week. But on the feeds, Steve is constantly talking about going after Becky, and Becky is constantly talking about going after Steve. Where did this come from? Let's look at a timeline of Steve and Becky's relationship turned feud — because yes, there was a time where they seemed to like each other — and figure this out together.

When It Was Good

There was a time when these two were friends. Friends lick mayo off of each other toes, right? I think we're all Jason in this situation.

But There's Trouble In Hellmann's Paradise

Steve, who loves talking to the feedsters personally, shares that he wants to start targeting Becky before she can target him.

But There Are Still Giggles Between The Two

Becky doesn't know that Steve has previously talked to some people (feedsters) about going after her.

Then Things Get Awkward

When I don't want to talk to someone, I totally brush them off like Becky does Steve.

Becky Starts To Become Skeptical Of Steve

She's not the first person to say this, but they've come a long way since the mayo moment.

Now She Doesn't Want To Talk With Him Around

Becky, you got beef?

Yes, There's #BadBlood

Then This Happens

Becky drops her ball, and I can see her entire demeanor — she is crushed. And seeing that misery in her is making me so freaking happy. I am loving just watching her crash. It's that simple, I'm sorry, and good luck back in Colorado.


Then Steve Comes Up With This Zinger

Move over Zingbot, there's a new wise-cracker in town.

Steve Confirms There Will Be No Friendship Bracelets

So I'm not sure if we can expect these two to move past their issues, but if things continue to move along this path, we may be looking at a huge feud.

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Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS